almost done? my 2 plants

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  1. here are my plants. started flowering around 5 weeks ago. the big purple one has been getting very frosty lately and the smaller one is just starting to produce trichomes. i cant take good pictures because my cameras screen is broken. anyway how much longer you think i got?

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  2. I'd say you still have a few more weeks. Post some more pictures in 2-3 weeks? Also those leaves are starting to look a bit yellow.
  3. next time don't plant them in the same pot, they need some nitrogen not much though I'd say you have 4 weeks left.
  4. my understanding is that yellow leaves mean they are reaching maturity, but a lot of the leaves are starting to die. and i know it wasnt smart to leave 2 plants in the same bucket not gonna do that again
  5. Yeah they are yellowing too fast
  6. i asked about ht eleaves a week or 2 ago and everybody said their jus maturing, what should i do about it? just keep a good eye on it? maybe its from being overcrowded
  7. Are you adding any nutes? And those leaves turn yellow and die off anyway when it starts to flower. Just keep an eye on the leaves if all of them start to yellow like that then check your ph or sometin cause then your not doing something right if that starts to happen
  8. yeah i used this crappy extended release fertilizer it was all i had.

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