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Almost died Yesterday

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by unoit, Sep 11, 2002.

  1. HIGH All, well the unthinkable happened yesterday and I was so close to being killed I'm glad I'm here typing this. I was on a 28' wall and I was hooked on at 20' when I felt the wall move. I looked to my right down the rest of the wall and knew it was coming down, I looked down to see where I was going to fall and tried to unhook from the wall, but it was coming down to fast I didn't have time to unhook. It came down on and I was pinned because I was still hooked to the wall which now is on top of me, around 25 ton of steel pinning me to the ground. I'm yelling at everyone to lift this wall O.F.F.F. me, they couldn't help. I'm sure at this point I'm dying and don't have much time left. I yelled at anyone to grab a knife and cut my belt. My good friend and boss was trying to lift the wall where I was and telling me to hang on they were going to get me out. He was cutting my elt but it wasn't happening fast enough. At this time a carpenter from the other crew came down to where I was and calmed me down a bit. He lifted All this steel with his back, he might have lifted this much - but it was All I needed to get some more air and relief. They finally cut me loose and I rolled into the first aids arms who told me not to move. The first thing I wanted to do was phone Rocdog and tell her how much I love her. I'm pretty fucked (in the head) right now, we did a lot of crying when I seen the love of my life. It's hard to describe what I went though. But I can say one thing...I tell you my friends I'm sure glad to be here.

    Of coarse pictures were taken, The cement blocks to the left were the only things that stopped me from being squashed like a bug
    I took the week O.F.F.F. so I can spend some time with the family. You don?t realize what you have till something like this happens and I?m glad for what I have. Give your loved ones a (((((((((((((HUG))))))))))) and tell them how much you love them, I?m glad I have a another chance to see and hold Rocdog, WoodBug and The Boy. Again it?s sure good to be here talking to you All.

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  2. HIGH All, another shot of the wall. The arrow points to where I was.

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  3. Holy Shit, Mate! Damn lucky to be with living. But I am glad you are still with us.

    I can't put my finger on it, but something seems like its missing from your construction site. Seems like a lot of steel with not much heavier support during fabrication. What are you building, another water tank?
  4. wow! I too almost died yesterday, I was in a car wreck. I flipped my van not wearing seat belts and with the window down, but luckly someone was looking after me and I walked away with only bruises and scrapes. I am lucky to be living, and now i dont have a ride anymore :(
  5. Damn buddy!

    Are you OK? No serious injuries?

    At least we know your fingers are still working!

    Makes you realize whats really important in life though don't it?

    Take care.

    And take a hit and relax.

    Sometime I'll tell ya about a drilling rig exploding while I was next to it. If it was'nt for 1/2" steel plate, I would'nt be here either.

    Is Rocdog gonna let you keep in this line of work?
  6. Looks like you were very lucky. It only takes a second to realise that this could be the last breath.

    Glad to see your still here.

    Did you get badly hurt ?

    Keep us posted on things. Tell Rocdog to give you some special lovings!

    ImPakelika, Sounds like you need to do a little thanking too. I hope your all right as well. Be more carefull!
  7. HIGH All, oh yes my friends I'm so glad to be here. Rocdog and I were just going over the good times (and bad) we've had since meeting and falling in love at 7/11 All those years ago (78). We haven't cried this much since my Mom passed away Sept.29th 2000.

    BPP see the brace to the right it was supposed to be bolted to the slab (floor). Some DUMB FUCK during "the push" to get the wall forms in place was undoing the nuts and was one step ahead when (we presume) they called it quits for the night. We show up in the morning thinking All is grand (it was a gorgeous morning). I was sent up the wall to unhook our turfer when I felt the wall move and I knew it was coming down.

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  8. HIGH All, the Brace that was unbolted??????????????????A letter of complaint has been filed with WCB (Workers Compensation Board). I haven't been to the site since and they tell me everyone has clamed up. The DUMB FUCK who took the nut O.F.F.F. I don't know how he's sleeping at night. I know who it was and I'll be talking to him Monday.

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  9. HIGH All, And I love you to critters *LOL*

    ImPakelika I'm sure glad you're here to tell us about it and as you ended up with only bruises and scrapes. We up here on The WET Coast hope you All the best. You take it easy ImPakelika I'm sure a ride it'll be around the corner for ya.

    You my friends are the best and I THANK you All for putting up with me though some of the worst years in my life.

    Smokin!!! Rocdog says the monies too good my friend*LOL*. Going out tomorrow and buying a new puter. Went to therapy today to see if I could get this shit out of my head and only landed two Searun Cutthroat Trout who must have been eating the spawning Salmon eggs. Did I ever tell you guys I LOVE LIFE YaHooka!!!!!!!

  10. Talking to him? Shit I think he deserves more than talking to...kick his fuckin head!

  12. damn... thats really crazy...
  13. Damn, that's just no good. Sorry I didn't see this earlier, I would've said something, just stay strong man and enjoy your second chance at life :)

  14. HIGH All. oh KraziHare I am. I appreciate more of the little things in life now. I thought I loved my family before, well I can tell you I know now they are the most important part of my life and unfortunately Almost losing my can say woke me up. Hugs and kisses in this house galore my friends.
    I phoned some friends that I haven't talk to in years just to tell them I love and miss them.

    mcurry, XxJWxX it's not in my nature to take someone out and shit kick them (no doubt he deserves it) I've Always said I'm a lover not a fighter. Don't get me wrong I am by far a girlie boy (critters *LOL) I think words are stronger than fists. (you guys are loveing this eh!!!)

    Thanks All!!!!!! Your words make a difference to this sore body and Almost fucked up head.

    Again you All are the Best!!!
  15. I'm sorry to hear that happened to you. I've very happy though that your ok, live life to the fullest.
  16. Well I guess you'll be inspecting them walls a little closer before you go climbing them now ain't ya?

    I guess you could look at it as a re-enactment of 9-11?
    (bad joke)

    Sounds like you work with some good dudes, (not the one who unbolted the wall!) but the others who were there for you immediately after it happened. Sometimes it's a comfort to know there's folks around who got your back. I can understand why they might be clamming up. Those safety guys some times come looking for scalps. Does anybody smoke on the job? They might be afraid of getting tested.

    Glad your OK for the most part.

    But look at the bright side.


    I'm diggin the fact that it's this late in the season and we still got about 7 guys with a shot at the championship!

    Hey to all the family. Take it way easy man!
  17. whats weird to think about....maybe you couldnt get unhooked fast enough...who knows, if you could have unhooked, it may have become the worst case scenario....
  18. whew!

  19. I don't go looking fo scalps or heads to hang. I just want everyone to know that a simple fuck up on their part may cost someone their life on down the road. Its usually the big bosses who go looking for scalps, a scapegoat to lay the blame for the time loss, productvity loss because evryone's gun-shy, and the money to pay for an injury.

    Now I do skin some scalps when its a supervisor ordering his men to take short cuts that may get them hurt.
  20. Shit, glad to hear you got out of it alright mate.

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