Almost Completely Fucked in School

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  1. I just saw a thread that reminded me of something that happened to me and my friend last year. My friend "Joe" was texting someone during class and the teacher took his phone. The teacher was a complete dick and looked through all of his text messages. Well Joe didnt delete his text messages... ever. Me and him were pretty cool with each other and there were a ton of drug related text messages that got exchanged between the two of us. I would get him shit, and he would get me shit all the time. The teacher saw every single one of the messages and took it to the AP's (assistant principal) office. They printed out a list of every single text message that was sent and received and called both of our parents. These text messages werent just "Yo can I get some bud." They were about acid, shrooms, xtc, buying QP's of herb, and pills up the wazoo. There was talk of xanax, adderall, valium, Oxy, percs, vics, and pretty much every other pill out there. So, we had no choice but to completely bullshit the AP. When we were called down to his office, we simply said that EVERYTHING was a joke. He was completely retarded and was like, "Ok, well then Im gonna drug test you in a couple of days and if you pass, then I believe you.". This was right before spring break so the couple days went by, and thank god the drug test hadnt arrived yet (he bought it online). Since it wasnt there yet, he had no choice but to let the matter go until after the break. That break would have sucked if it werent for the fact that I got like 15 hits of acid for it haha. Anyways, we didnt smoke at all on the break, came back, and drank lots of water before the test. We were called down to be tested, and we passed. Everything was dropped and he called my parents and apologized. He wrote a formal letter of apology too. Everything turned out ok and me and Joe got together the day after the test and toked up a fatty :smoking:
  2. Damn dude thats insane.

    They allowed to do that?

    Sry for short msg, smokin joint
  3. Nice dood
  4. Ya thats pretty bitch of the teacher to go through the texts like that. Shitty situation, but good ending. There rough at my school about kids smoking, but never the extemeness of that.
  5. yeah my schools gay too, i like to take my battery n simcard out cuz my school WILL go through your shit, and it takes 20 dollars to get ur phone back, plus another 15 if it was on when they took it up :/
  6. hmmm... they have the right to take your phone during class if it goes off, but they have no right to go through your phone. i would think that you could actually sue for damages in this situation. its a violation of privacy. a huge one. now i totally understand that you probably dont wanna go through all of that paper work and bullshit that a civil case would involve... but im pretty sure that they have no right to go through your text messages.

    your parents? sure. The bill payer? yes. your teacher? hell no.
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    for one they invaded your privacy which is a big no-no.

    secondly they cant force you to take a drug test. refuse that shit.

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