Almost caught!

Discussion in 'General' started by Rahmer, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. I was smoking up in my bathroom (yes I have my own) I heard my mom pounding on the door saying something about checking the water pressure. I whipped my bong in the sink cupboard, and shut the window. I let her in and I lead her to the bathroom and then..... OH SHIT!! the sploof is laying in front of me. I grabbed it and threw it behind the water heater.. aparently she didn't see anything and didn't smell smoke either so I made it... I was freaked up high the whole time so it was aight:D
  2. fuck bro that the worst buzzkill ever i hate that when it happens

    ps im stoned:smoke:
  3. She probably knows you smoke...
  4. Damn your scaring me im about to do a usaul toke up in the bathroom.
  5. for real, smoking in your bathroom, sploof or no, will still smell for awhile.
  6. Haha, close calls with parents is a buzzkill. Lucky you took pretty decent precaution to avoid confrontation.
  7. [FONT=&quot]Nice story man. But I have one that is a little more sketch. We were having an herb party at my old house. I was outside in a horse pasture next my landlord's barn. So we are having a good time we brought a couch and a coffee table outside for peeps to chill on next to the fire, and we were planning on throwing it into the fire a little while into the party. Well needless to say we where partying really hard and the cops showed up. I happen to catch a light out the corner of my eye and it was a cop i was like ohhhh shit i have a bong sitting on the table in front of me. So i grab it and put it on the other side of the couch I was on opposite of the cop. While this is happening I'm freaking out and my friend stood up and asked what was wrong to the officer. He goes on saying that the Nabors where complaining of loud music, and loud people. So the cop starts asking us if there is any underage drinking going on and my friend starts to give this cop a line of bullshit (oh yes officer we are all of age we have permission from our landlord that we can use this place we have a water spout 8 feet away and we will keep it down) The cop was like ( ok that's all I n[/FONT][FONT=&quot][/FONT][FONT=&quot]eed to know you all have a good day!) I was like WTF just happened; I'm not in jail I have all my green and I'm ready to get back to partying. Well 2 minutes later we hear a car trying to get out of the mud it was the cop and he had to ask for help getting out so me and a couple of underage drinkers go out and push him out!! That was the scariest and funny thing I have ever been a part of.[/FONT][FONT=&quot]:eek:[/FONT]
  8. So you're in the bathroom? why not just tell her you're taking a shit?

  9. Haha, holy fuck you guys are so lucky. Once me and my friends got pulled over and I had some bud in my backpack, along with toilet paper (we were tp'ing) and the cop asked us what was in the bag and my friend pleaded the 5th. It worked, and it was fucking awesome.
  10. Really that worked you guys are really lucky good shit man.
  11. Haha well I was going to tell her i was takin a shit but i just didn't think of it for some reason. And when i smoke in the bathroom I blow it out the window as well.. extra precautions

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