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  1. I work in the box office of a movie theater where they allow you to print out free tickets each day. So I started selling my employee tickets to get $20-40 each day I worked. I decided to get riskier by having other employees give me their codes and started taking $100 each day then that's when they installed 6 cameras in the box office. One of the cool managers let me know that one of the other managers was suspecting me, so with someone on my back, and cameras, I decided to stop until I found a new way.

    But then I thought of something else... Everyday at least one person comes up smelling like weed, so I started offering them free tickets for blunts/bags... and it works! So for the past couple months I've been getting people in the movies for weed and nobody suspects a thing anymore.

    Now today I traded someone for a blunt and I found out a couple managers were trying burn, so I told them I'd burn them out. After work I go out the parking lot and spark up the blunt with the two managers mentioned before. After we finish the manager that suspected me of stealing before gives me $10 and says thanks for the blunt. I told him I didn't need his money, but he insisted on letting me keep it.

    So not only did I get a free blunt, but I got free money from the manager that accused me of stealing to begin with. oh the sweet irony. :D
  2. Targeting a stoners weakness, the movies...
  3. nice dude that's an awesome story. I work at a movie theatre too. Couldn't pull off what you doing with the money cause are free passes don't work like that but i give friends free tickets for bowls and smoke with a couple of assistant managers regularly:smoking:
  4. more power to you man. do work son. :smoking:
  5. One of my assistant managers I never would of thought to smoke smelled weed on me and said, "where's my hit?" Next thing you know my friends and I are on the roof of the theater with him smoking a blunt. I think we picked the perfect place to work at
  6. ive gotta say.. youve got some money makin blood in you sir. well done. i probly would of done the same thing.
  7. haha nice i work at quiksilver over at the local mall and one day my friend comes in reekin of weed and the manager comes up to us and is like "i guess im not cool enough to blaze with you guys right?" both of us were shocked and that night smoked him out lol its been easy days from then on
  8. yeah i work at a movie theatre too, but we dont print out our employee passes. which company is your theatre?
  9. Century.
  10. I work at a Carmike theatre. We dont get free passes, employees just get to walk into movies
  11. Nice man, thats awesome. Weed and movies are very fond of each other.
  12. that sounds like the best job. what do the people smelling like weed say when u ask them are they surprised.:smoking:
  13. oh yeah dude i work box mostly but i worked concession for a while. people always reek like bud, its funny. it concession it was SO easy to upsell, id be like "you want some nachos to?. how about a large drink with that?. some chocolate candies too?" haha i can always tell and ppl get all paranoid when i say "damnnn you guys smell good." there like oh shit hes gonna tell security. im like dude, chill, i love me some ganj too. :)
  14. I read this last night, wicked high, on my phone and was dieing laughing

    the whole story is epic. very stoner'ish. could totally be a short film. aha.
  15. Everybody looks shocked probably cause they don't suspect I smoke, but they almost always accept the deal. I asked one guy and he didn't even say yeah, he just threw the blunt through my window.
  16. haha that ssounds pretty cool...looks like i have to get a job at the movie theater
  17. To update this story, the other day my manager (the one that suspected me) pulls me to the side and says he knows I traded tickets for weed. I was pretty sure he didn't catch me on camera so I asked how he knew and it turns out I traded one of his friends. This whole time I thought he'd get mad since he's usually strict at work, but instead he jacked my idea and is hooking up that same friend with movies for weed now.

    I guess it's good I'm not trouble for this... but now I lost a customer to trade with.
  18. I'd rather buy my movie ticket and keep the weed lol.
  19. Schmoke a Bluhnt With Hiem.

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