Almost caught because I got too high.

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  1. So this story goes back all the way to my senior year in High School. I had smoked before and I had taken a break for about a year on smoking weed. I had recently been contacted by an old friend on my snapchat from middle school. I've always known him to be a full time stoner, I mean this guy is the definition of a stoner. He Plays video games all day, Smokes weed all day, yadda yadda yadda insert stereotype here. I do remembering us having good times though as we were both into MMA when we were in middle school and that's what really brought us together as close friends even today. The reason I went to visit him in my senior year is because I had just got a ninja 636 as my first motorcycle and my car was very unreliable(Pic for reference, Not my car but mine had the same paint job and had engine problems) at the time and my parents were very strict. So I pull up and we exchange hellos and hugs. I go inside and talk to him and catch up on old times for about an hour and thirty minutes. He asks me if I want to take a hit from the bong and decide fuck it why not. It is 4pm I tell him that it's getting late and I have to make it home before my dad does at 5pm so I proceed to leave. When I walk outside I put on my helmet and try to start my bike and it won't start. I became very confused and just thought the starter switch was off which it was. I click it on and then I notice the one fatal flaw I made, I left my key on in the ignition. BOOM, The battery is dead, straight out of juice, And good luck trying to get two guys who are high out of their minds try to get a seat cover off with special nuts without any tools. Luckily his dad was home and he is a motorcycle mechanic oddly enough. So he goes inside and wakes his dad up to come try to fix our problem. He suggests we push start the bike and that's exactly what we do. As they push me forward I try to hit the starter switch and magically the bike starts to rumble as I fiddle with the clutch and off I go. I never got home so quickly in my life. By the time I had got home I had beaten my dad home and then proceeded to go into my room and play some fallout:NV and ate a banana, The end.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  2. You had to wake someone up to tell you to push start a M/cycle?

    And be had the kill switch in the off position.

    There is no hope for you.
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  3. I had literally only rode a motorcycle and had my license for about 2 months and had no knowledge about push starting or anything. Plus It was the first time I had smoked in a year so my tolerance level was 0.
  4. I did learn though
  5. Im just being

    I once parked a bike (i think it was a little cbr 250??) at the shops..came back and it wouldnt start..called the bike shop who came and picked it up and rang me a few hrs later to tell be that id had the kill switch off....stupid drugs.. was a CBX 250..damn that was an age ago..
  6. I got too high the other day before work and jammed my car key into my truck's ignition switch. :mellow: It turned over just fine, so I got to work okay...and luckily, I had a multi-tool with fold-out pliers in my briefcase, so I was able to just yank the key straight out. Fortunately for me, the car key was smaller than the truck key...

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  7. O..i have another one. A friend left a RGV250 in the street for me to go and score was dark as..I couldnt find the kick starter and walked it like 4 blocks to a street light..lmao..
  8. Yea, I wish I started on a smaller cc like a 300 or some shit since I had a lot of close calls with my 636, Speeding and all that going 100+ I was a fuckin squid man
  9. I started riding at 4. Sold M/cycles as a career for a decade. Had track bikes.

    and yea, u learn how to ride properly if you start small cc and work up in stages.
  10. I would love to have a ninja but unfortunately I'm smart enough to know id be that jackass doing a wheelie down the interstate at 120 so I'll stick to dirtbikes and 40 foot doubles for now

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  11. 636's are slow. Hit me up when you get a liter

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  12. 636's are slow. Hit me up when you get a liter

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  13. Op you fork is bent.
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  14. That isn't my bike, All the pics I just pulled up from google images for reference, My 636 is in good condition
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