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almost busted.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Potthead3, Apr 30, 2006.

  1. Today i decided to get a new piece cus i made more money this week then i thought i would so i went to the smoke shop n saw nothing i liked so i was about to leave n decided to check once more so i did n almost hidden in the display case was a perfect spoon so i got it. It is color changing n is really thick glass n the colors that it has now r perfect i paid 23$ for it and i also got a grape blunt n then left. When i got home my asked where i was so i said the mall (which wasnt a lie the mall actually has a smoke shop) then she asked if i went out and got weed and i said no then she asked why my sweatshirt was balled up in my hand. I had the pipe and the blunt in the bag in my pouch pocket of the sweatshirt and i just sed that i was taking it inside from my car so she asked me to unfold it so i did n she herd the bag n asked what it was so i said that i stopped at the store and got candy n that was the wrapper making the noise n i figured she would ask to see it n i would loose my new piece wich is my favorite piece i have ever seen (sorry for no pics) but i got away with it. But what sucks is the reason i went home was to get my light that my friend needs to grow with n he was going to give me an 8th n now i have no weed to break in my new piece.
  2. sucks but move lying like a bastard to save the piece, i got candy, classic
  3. psh why did you walk in with your sweatshirt all rolled up....thats pretty hott why didnt you just put the peice in your pocket?
  4. where do you live in mass
  5. Ive had close calls like that, Ive always pulled it off. Its when im not around that people find shit.
  6. my thought exactly

    enjoy the new piece man... :smoking::cool:
  7. I didnt think about it cus i always just forget sweatshirts in my car and it wasnt like rolled up i just grabbed it. I live in Brockton
  8. My parents are also stereotypical weed hating parents and over the past 3 years i have come up with some of the most ridicoulous schemes and ideas to blaze freely and buy bongs and pipes and shit.

    Fight the man buddy:hello:
  9. I definetly fight i smoke everynight in my room while my mom is home and she has no idea (cus of my window fan) the thing that almost got me caught was going outside to smoke.
  10. its good you werent caught.
  11. i dont know man i imagine olmost getting caught sucks probley a huge adrenaline(sp) rush though candy story is classic tho

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