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almost busted

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by TokerKing, Jan 27, 2004.

  1. I was sittin' in my room at 5 in the morning thinking that i'm gonna get baked for school right, well I got sooo stoned that morning I forgot to put my bag away. It was laying right on my dresser out in the open, my mom was getting off work at 2 so if I didn't put it away she would have found that day. It was a great high and I felt good until I relized what I did and then BAM! it went away,luckily one of my friends gave me a ride during lunch. WOW! missed that one.
  2. Crap man, I always make sure my stuff away, its like the first thing on my mind all the time, i keep it out of site even when its in use that way if i do leave it it dont get found
  3. Exactly... like when I go outside at night to smoke, first thing I do when I get back inside is make sure everything put away, cause I know I'll forget if I don't.

    One night I smoked, then when I woke up the next day, I notcied my stash box was still sitting on the computer table, front and center. And like my whole family had used the computer before I got up. Luckily no one thought anything of it, just a metal box my watch came in.
  4. Close calls.

    I always try to hide my things as soon as i come in, but sometimes you can be quite quite stoned, things become difficult then.
  5. One time we and some buddies were takin shots and smokin some joints at my place and my parents werent home. Then we were gonna go out to this party, so I put everything away and we go. We were just out of the house and I forgot to grab my wallet, so I go back in my house and theres a fuckin bong on my desk in my room. I dunno how I forgot to put it away, but I was kinda drunk/stoned and well, shit happens. If I didnt go back for my wallet my parents woulda found it for sure.
  6. whats even worst is waking up the next morning n forgeting where u put ur shit
    lol happens to me almost everytime i smoke a bowl b4 bed. im tired n stoned
    im about to put my bud away then im like ...no cant put it there that place sucks ..mmm *looks around room* alright! n i stash it somewhere really stupid cause i think nobody will look there. then i get up n go to wake n bake n cant remember for the life of me where i put it

    i evetualy find it under my computer case or something cause the front is elevated 3 inches of my desk lol.

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