almost busted for somebody else

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  1. It was the second time I had ever attempted growing I had six plants most were starting to just flower, so I was real happy. Hate to say it but they weren't well hidden at that time and I was just growing enough to last a couple months to save money and hav the best smoke I could, even though it was just bagseed.

    So later on that night I was sitting in the house when my brother tells me the police were in front of and behind the house, so he was panicking grabbing pots and running them in the house, I was super stoned so it was hard to be freaked out. When they cutoff their cars then when I started to get real paranoid, so I had my girlfriend at the time go talk to them, she didn't smoke and didn't care that I was doing what I was doing so she was perfect to talk with them.

    So after talking with them, she comes back laughing at me telling us that they were looking for some college students who had took off running from a party they had been called to, and they had run through my yard to get away, im glad that none of them ever knew what they had ran past.
  2. Lesson learned hide dem plants son

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