almost burned down apartment just now

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  1. Ok, so like any other time or day I was smoking weed and I was using some beeline to rip my bongs. I blew it out (i thought) and went to take the trash outside but forgot my phone so I walked back up to my room. My beeline roll was caught on fire and catching all my papers n shit too so i like ran to the kitchen and took a dirty cup and tossed a bunch of paper on my table and put that shit out dawwwg. i would have been gone at least another 10 mins...who knows what could have happened.

    anyone ever do some dumb shit while blazed?

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  2. Your lucked out man, check to make sure it's out next time... Haha :D
  3. Was smoking with flatmates one day, and my guy says 'dude, I think I smell gas'

    So I flicked on the lighter, held it up, and nothing happened.

    Looked at him and said 'nah man, guess we're straight'.

    About 5 minutes later we simultaneously realised what would've happened if it really was a gas leak, and lol'd for a good 10 minutes.


  4. wow, that takes balls
  5. lol I'll chalk it up to natural selection attempting to play itself out, but thanks :cool:


  6. point death in the face and laugh. :D

  7. [​IMG]
  8. no i have never almost burned down my house while i was blazed or blazing, you should get a lighter =)
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    Naw, beeline > butane
  10. well i was only using the beeline cuz ,y gf stole all the lighters before she left for work for some reason, so i had to take the beeline to the stove to light it and then light the candle so i could go back and forth using the beeline with no lighter

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