Almost Booked By Who We Thought Was A Cop

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    Alright so my friend and i planned to smoke a joint then go swimming at our local community centre. Since it was spitting rain a little bit and we couldn't roll it in one of our houses we decided to go into the forest and roll it knowing it would be less wet there because the trees blocked the rain. We got out the one gram we had on us to roll. So i started to roll the joint while my friends watched to see if anyone was coming in. Then suddenly as i was rolling the joint my friend said oh shit someones coming, i look up to see a man walking towards us with a badge on his shoulder.

    I thought it was a cop so i said to my friend oh shit its a cop man run. We sprinted as fast as we could through the forest to the other side. while on the other side of the forest we decided to hide all of our shit under a tree, eventhough everything was wet in the forest from the rain. We left the forest and walked to the community centre to go swimming and then a truck from the city pulled over to the side and a guy got out to talk to us. we left everythign in the forest so he couldn't charge us for anything. He asked us why we ran and what we were doing in there. We just made up some shit saying how we didnt know who you were and ran because last time some creep came up to us in the forest.

    It was just someone working for the city so he didnt check us or anything and just said to go home and if he catches us he'll take us in or some shit. My fried and I decided to go back for our shit once he drove away. We got all our stuff back from under the tree, the only problem was my zig zags were ruined, the lighter was all wet, and the weed was wet and was stuck together. We went to a park and i rolled a joint with the wet zig zags and weed. It turned out pretty good considering its condition. We had to let the paper and lighter dry for a while first then we lite it up. After we were done we finally went swimming.

    What would you guys have done in my situation? Did i do the correct thing at the time to save my ass? Lucky it wasn't a cop? Thanks.:smoke:
  2. My biggest worry would have been constructing a good alibi.

    I cant do that on the spot ya know?
  3. For some reason that was a confusing read. idk why
  4. when you get out of high school and get smarter you will think about what your doing before you do it and be much safer.

  5. :hello: This

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