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Almost attacked by an owl

Discussion in 'General' started by CousCous, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. Alright, so back on October we saw this huge ass owl sitting on a neighbors fence. Well the past few weeks he's been making his loud ass calls to absolutely nobody (from the hours of midnight-4 am is when he's usually out.)

    I'm out having a little toke just now, and I hear him in our neighbor's backyard. So I finish the bowl and start smoking a cig. A couple minutes later, this fucker starts doing his owl calls, only it sounds like it's getting closer. I look over to the neighbor's yard, and this fucking feathered dragon flies right past my head and across the street, landing on another house. His claws scratched up against their siding and probably caused a bit of damage.

    He was probably 3 or 4 feet away from my head. He kept screetching once he dug into their house, so I said fuck this shit and went inside lol.

    It was weird, because I never hear him when he's flying around. He always makes his calls when he's stationary. He could have clawed my face off if he wanted to, so I'm thankful for that. :p

    Sorry if this sounds stupid, I've just never been that close to an owl. They're usually too far away for me to even see them. :rolleyes:
  2. Its ears are like... an extension of its angry eyebrows :devious:
  3. angry birds bro

  4. Hope he doesn't fuck up my car while I sleep. :(
  5. that pic made me lol
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    That sounds intense. In Australia if you smoke in the bush you gotta be careful for snakes. Kangaroos can be pretty funny if they get riled up though. Since there's usually one of them and four or so of you. So it knows it can't take you all on but just runs around looking pissed.

    We got brown snakes, which are something like the fourth deadliest snake in the world and it's... brown, just brown, like a creamy brown (think coffee colour) so it blends in with leaf litter and is real easy to miss with your eyes, not with your foot :eek:

    I remember being like 12 and going to my mate's house in the bush, there were four of us friends (this wasn't the smoking time) and his dad just said to us: "If you see a tiger snake, don't walk towards it or provoke it, if it bites you, game over".

    My little innocent eyes went as wide as they could go, I didn't want to leave the tent for the next two days even though it was Summer and something crazy like 40+ degrees (110ish for yanks)
  7. Owls must be trying to take over the world. This is the 3rd or 4th time in the last week or so I've heard of someone almost getting attacked by an owl. lol

    About a year ago me and some buddies went quad riding at night. We were clippin' along pretty good through an open field when an owl flew right infront of my buddy in the front. 3/5 of us ran over the owl (not on purpose) and went back to see if it was alright. It layed on the ground for about a minute then got up and flew away like nothing happened. That's when I learned not to fuck with an owl haha
  8. Yes they are. Owl for President!


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