Almost Ate a Dead Fly

Discussion in 'General' started by TLF1088, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. Went to the store 10 minutes ago, bought a NOS energy drink.

    Drank almost the whole thing, then looked inside because I felt something on my lips during the last sip.

    It was a dead fly.
  2. How the fuck did a fly get into a vacuum sealed NOS?

    Which flavor was it, by the way? Fruit Punch is my fuckin drank...

  3. It was Grape. Don't like the Fruit Punch NOS. I love the Rockstar Fruit Punch though, that's my favorite energy drink.

    And the fly had to have been in there when I bought it. I never put the drink down and was inside my house while drinking it.
  4. Jesus thats fucked up.

    I love the little cog caps on the bottles of NOS, I save em and put them on other drinks for when I go snowboarding.
  5. well at least you got all of its juices n such..
  6. It's like the worm inside tequila
  7. I was just thinking to myself, wow maybe this will give me fly powers, sort of like Spiderman.

    But then I remembered the movie The Fly......
  8. thats not time...i found a finger inside my about buzzkill
  9. He got in there after you bought it and opened it...I am 99.99% sure.

  10. I was sitting on my couch, watching television and drinking it.

    You're saying a fly got in my house, flew in stealth mode directly at my drink, got inside it, and died, all over the course of 4 or 5 minutes?

    I don't know about that...
  11. Yep, that is what I am saying.
  12. They're putting flies in your drink to increase your protein intake is all.;)
  13. Call up the company, you might be able to get a couple for free.
  14. Should have ate up. Boost your immune system.
  15. something like this, only say youre exploring the possibilities of suing could get more than a "couple" free ones;)
  16. lol its funny you guys mention that....i posted a thread on here a long ass time ago...i was really blazed and eating a snickers bar and i decided to call the number on the back and tell them i wasnt fully satisfied...long story short i ended up getting 30 coupons for free snickers mailed to me
  17. That sucks, but I would still probably say it got in after you openend it. The likelyhood of a fly being in your house and getting into it while your distracted by a tv is much much greater than sneaking in inside a factory, company's are generaly more careful than the consumer about health risks because they face some pretty fucking large penalty's.

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