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    So I am SUPER excited that I finally was able to set up a small veg and a flowering tent. 4x4. I am so happy!
    I have a California Lightworks Solarflare (not in pic), a Zoomed Hygrotherm regulating humidity and temperature, CO2and all the other goodies you see in the pic below:
    I did not expect it to be so challenging to find clones....I am new to the area and thought most caregivers would carry them....
    Wondering if anyone can help!
    2014-01-19 21.36.25.jpg

  2. I'm really impressed with your grow area, it's much better than what my noob ass was using haha. 
    So are you asking for areas to get clones? I recommend you start from a seed to build your own genetics then clone from there. Besides, a clone can only be as good as the Mother plant. 
  3. Thank you!!
    Not exactly my first setup...but indeed the first one as I really wanted it. Just missing the LED, which should be on its way...
    I agree on getting the seeds and starting my own garden with mothers and my crosses....Working on that.
    In the meantime I am trying not to go broke!!! I just moved to the US and WOW it is expensive here...SOoo I need to get some strong strains to get me some medicine while I that harvest is ready! Plus I just want to use the growroom!!! :)
  4. if u buy clones/ recieve from a friend make sure u have some neem available as clones spread spider mites to new clean gardens
  5. Thanks Bonbol! Hadnt put in on my checklist....
  6. Peterp what part of the US? Pm me.

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  7. So I was never able to get my hands on clones, but I had already started some seeds.

    Sour Diesel
    Tangerine dream

    They are looking beautiful! Tangerine dream had some unfortunate tugs on her roots during re potting, but she is doing well now. With the training on the plants, I think I'll repeat week 4. I had already repeated week 3. I am following the Roots Organics master pack feeding schedule.

    I am also helping them with Roots Excelurator. I am toying qwith the idea of using Big Bud on one of them, but given my efforts to keep it chemical free (I even use spring water), that doesn't sound like such a great idea.

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  8. Here are some pics. Those are 150 watts each.

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  9. This is soil by the way. The hydrogen just helps keep soil humid longer.

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  10. Where's your LED?  I love mine!  I can make a few suggestions to help you along...  Here's mine:
  11. Hey Dawill!
    My LED is MIA...But hopefully soon...In the meantime trying with these 150 watts!!!
    Here are some recent pics:

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  12. Ok I have some questions ,hoping for some feedback!
    - I'd like to continue vegetating until the canopy is even. I want to make sure they all get good light. It also buys me some time as my LED should be here soon.
    Good idea? Ill keep training the plans until I get my even canopy....
    - I am using the Aurora Organics master pack  and plan- which Ive seen oscillate around 400pm. I have since brought it up to 900 PPM, planning to be at 1200 during flowering.
    I believe there is some information surrounding PPMs during the different time periods. IE the last couple of weeks I assume is low on PPM getting ready for flushing...Any pointers?
    - Tangerine Dream (Whose roots were tugged on during repotting) is doing well, but growth stopped. I am giving it double dosage of Roots Excelurator. Given I dont see much Improvement I also used "Rapid start" root enhancer...
    At this stage it seems Tangerine will be going to another room when flowering time comes around....Or should I still send it to flower?
    - I also have one of the 2 "Alquimista" plants going on Big Bud and Resinator...Wondering how significant the differnce will be...
    Thanks Guys!
  13. I'd say train until even and then when you get your LED flip. Sounds like a plan.

    Sorry, I don't use nutes any more, and no clue on ppm.

    Plants look good, pics upside down!

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  14. Ok Here's an update of these beautiful babies.
    This Plant is Friggin Huge I cant stop it from elongating even after topping!!! I dont see a lot of budding spots yet but well see....
    Shes beautiful!
    Im SO looking forward to this one, with its high CBD! ( Analyses: CBD/THC 8.81% THC 6.77%
    Sour Diesel:
    Very bushy! 
    Tangerine Dream:
    She's all better!!!! I gave her a heavy dose of CaMG, BioWeed, BioThrive Grow, BioRoot and BioWeed by General Organics, at 1000ppm and in just 12 hours she was looking beautiful. I am unsure however how much she was set back.
    Now. We cant wait any longer...been vegging for 6 weeks.... A new light source is coming, and Sunday I switch to 12/12.
    Took some clones for Juanita, sour, and tangerine, which have rooted and Ill be setting up the vegging tent this weekend. Excited.
    I've started measuring runoff PH and PPM. Seems like PH is not much of an indicator, but PPM is. I recommend this pretty cool post:
    My runoff PH and PPM are higher, and Alquimista is looking a little too green (apparently this can be a bad indicator), so it seems Ive reached the feeding treshold. Im going to back off on nutrients and monitor runoff.
    I've also gotten my hands on some bonsai wire and Im liking lst with it...

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