almost 8 weeks flowering and found bananas

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  1. I am growing 3 blueberry incia plants. Did 4 weeks veg and come wednesday the ywill have 8 weeks of flowering done. Uses 250 cfl blue light for veg and added 200cfl red light for veg. All was going fine until last week. found a couple seeds on bottom branch and last few days keep finding new bananas on top buds. I have been picking them off but new ones each day. The seeds state 8 weeks flowering but the shop said it would be 10 weeks.
    I have no extractor fan because lack of space.

    Should I cut it short and harvest now. No trichomes have gone amber yet. Some a starting to look cloudy. Top buds are mostly orange but lower ones still mostly white hairs.

    Please take a look at pics, first time grower so any help at all is well appreciated!

    Struggling with the pics, will try again later
  2. That late into flower it really wouldn't matter. There isn't enough time for seed production to take place. I would just let her ride, try and remove as many balls as possible
  3. Best you can do is keep castrating the little peckers. Be carefull when doing so trying not to break them open and release pollen. I had this happen one time but I was closer to being done with only about 2 weeks left. Ended up with about 4-6 immature seeds spread out between a few of the top colas when I first discovered it. I knew it was caused by my nephews wanting to go in and check them out to many times after the lights turned off.
  4. Thanks for that, I can stop streesing myself now
  5. you have a male in those 3 plants..
  6. im new to this so excuse my ignorance. All 3 have been producing buds no problem for past 7 weeks. Could it be a hermie rather than a male? will it still be ok to smoke, all 3 have a fair amount of buds
  7. Male plants produce pollen not buds. Hermie plants will produce both but bud production, size and quality will be reduced. To me it sounds like your plants got stressed and are popping some nanners out for self polination as a survival trait from getting stressed from something like the dark period being interupted to many times or getting hot. I`ve had plants do this outdoors the past couple of years. Producing maybe 3-4 seeds on a number of plants. If there just now producing them at 7 weeks i`d say they got stressed some how. At this point just keep plucking the nanners and let them finish out.
  8. Tell them they can't go in, don't break ur dark cycle just because someone u know wants to check it out, if anything tell them to come back during ur light cycle.

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