almost 4 weeks into flowering.. light question please help

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by stonehenge919, Sep 10, 2007.

  1. i am almost 4 weeks into flower and my buds are begining to form and the leaves are becoming completely covered with sugar...i was wondering if flowering with a mix of daylight and soft white flurosent lights is good for floweing? or should i have more of one spectra than another such as more blue than red or more red than blue or even balance?
  2. For flowering the soft white floros work best but it doest hurt to have a mixture.
    Check Kamels CFL guide, it has a lot of good info.
  3. I can't speak from experience on flowering under artificial light since all I have been doing is vegging the plants indoors and then setting them outside to flower. I am going to build another grow box that I will use for flowering while keeping my other box to vegetate cuttings...sort of a perpetual harvest set up (at least that's the plan). When I do try flowering, I intend to use two 70 Watt HPS security lights along with some CFL mini-spiral bulbs. Everything I've read says that light intensity is key to good bud formation. Small HPS lights are not much more expensive than decent CFL bulbs and lamp holders. CFLs are around $10 each and lamp holders are around $2 so six CFLs cost around $72 and a 70 W HPS security light (with bulb and ballast) costs just under $60.

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