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  1. For all the Boston tokers out there, I was just wondering how the Buried Treasures in Allston is? Is the quality/prices good? Thanks :smoke:
  2. I'm not in Boston, but i know one of the more famous headshops is called "The Joint".
  3. we had one called 'the joint' that had a skate shop attached to it here in pcb
  4. pretty sure the joint in boston is closed buried treasures is pretty nice i went to the one in allston and they had alot of ZOB, Hitman, Hi Si and a few other name brand. Theres also Sugar daddys sown the street for a larger selection but are very pricey but if you could I would sheck out kind Connections in Providence they have a great selection of heady and scientific and there sticker prices are reasonable and the owner is the chillest guy me and my buddy went there he knows sooooo many glass blowers from all over
  5. I live in the Boston area, the Joint was the best headshop in town until it was shut down. Buried Treasures is alright and is one of the few remaining stores. Buried treasure is more expensive, they are very strict about carding and they have a few assholes working there. Haven't been to Sugar Daddy's but BT has a very nice selection also check out the Hempest which is close by.
  6. I've also heard good things about Kind Connections down in CT ... definitely checking it out later this summer.
  7. Deff worth the trip me and my buddy went there and he walked us through every case telling us where the glass and came from and was very helpful with my purchase waled a way with a worked inline bubbler from a local artist
  8. Iv never been ther but check out greenside up. Its in allston and they have great prices cuz they blow it, no middle man bs

  9. never heard of that shop wheres it located?
  10. Idk I drove hour to get ther, I just punched it in on the ole GPS haha. Just google greenside up
  11. I live like...3 minutes from Buried treasures. Its an alright shop. They have the basics and a bigger selection of tubes than I would have expected, and some of them are pretty nice too. Prices are...ok, but usually you can find things online for a little less. Same goes for the hempest, but the hempest has some pretty great tubes most of the time.
  12. Kind Connection is Actually in Providence RI.

    If you're looking for some good head shops in Boston, there is the Hemepest on Newbury as well as in the Garage in Harvard square. There is also a small headshop in the garage called Hidden Treasures. There is a buried Treasues in allston street right at cambridge and harvard, as well as on haviland street by hynes. Green Side up is a great local head shop on the corner of harvard and commonwealth in allston as well. There is also sugar daddies in kenmore off comm ave as well i believe but they are a bit expensive. A shop in the watertown mall sells alot of knock off pieces as well, but has papers and such. There are also plenty of convenience stores in boston that sell small china pipes and such. anyways i made a map cause im baked:

    Smoke Shops in Boston - Google Maps

    also check out Watch Your head in Woonsocket RI, and OPM Glass in Providence RI

    edit: there are probably more smokeshops in boston and RI i dont know about these are just the ones i could bang off

  13. haha that map will come in handy gonna have to do a tour before I buy mu next piece:smoke:

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