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Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by namron_420s, Nov 18, 2003.

  1. and some time came to pass...
    and the mighty bong excalibong was broken clean off at the hilt.

    i kid you not, a tear came to my eye.
    this glorious uber toob of stonage..flexing into two pieces, before my eyes.

    let us have a 21 bong hit salute for this fallen warrior.

    *bubble bubble bubble bubble* *COUGH COUGH COUGH..COUGH* *bubble bubble bubble bubble* *CoUhchgh*....AHGUAHGKLXACNV,*.....*bubble bubble bubble bubble*...... .........oh boy.....

    *bubble bubble bubble bubble*

  2. i will join u in this 21 bong hit salute!
  3. This is truly a sad day. It bring back memories of when i broke Lil' Timmy. I feel your pain, may Excalibong and Lil' Timmy RIP.
  4. damn.....was it you that broke it, or your mate that had it for a while?......thats a bummer......i'll smoke some in honour of excalibong.........Peace out.........Sid
  5. im buying a new bong today

    So far ive lost 3 bongs since ive started smoking weed..

    The bong im buying today is an exact replica of the original bong i bought....it hit so goood cant wait until tonight.
  6. that sucks!

    reminds me of 3 Lines Glued (my old sher-bubbler) :(

    wish i could join the 21 bong hit salute... but sadly, i have neither bong, nor weed.

    ::sends good cheer karma to norm::

    there... hope that cheers ya up a bit :D
  7. Sorry to hear that Norm. I remember the picture you posted of Excalibong, it was a nice looking bong.

    R.I.P. Excalibong....
  8. *joins in 21 bong salute*
  9. I'll join in the 21 bong salute as well. *Gurgle gurgle..*

  10. Oh Normsy Poo!!!! I am so sorry! :( That just sucks a big one!!!
  11. damn that really sucks...well i just rolled a fat blunt and i'll smoke it in honor to excalibong
  12. oi! That sucks m8..how did it come to pass? It was a legend among bongs..sorry to see it go, especially before I even got to toke from it!:(
  13. o man really? worst news i've heard all day!

    you should repost the pic of you hitting it for emotional purposes

    These next 22 bongs are in memory of Excalibong

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