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  1. Just wanted to introduce, I've been smoking for a while but only recently started realizing the rewards of plugging into the wider culture. Its good to realize we aren't alone out there (or here?).

    For years I only smoked spliffs (joints w/ tobacco) but my girlfriend convinced me sustainable smoking has to be healthy smoking so I have gotten into glass. The problem is a perfect cone only takes practice while a perfect piece is expensive :mad:.

    Anyway, happy to be here.


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  2. Ahoy amethystbud! I scored some Amethyst at my local dispensary last month!

    Welcome to GC! Glad to have ya. I'm a five year medi-mj patient living in norcal, feel free to ask any questions, and check out my gallery :)

    "dem no waan us smoke herb, cuz when we smoke herb, we all tink the same!" - Tosh
  3. Sup bro, nice pieces man! welcome to the city :D

    sorry don't wanna hijack thread, but..we all think the same? how is that a good thing?

  4. Ha! Who knew. I always feel stupid coming up with usernames but I got my stoner experience while going to school in Amherst, MA and smoked a number of times at Amethyst Brook, a small stream outside of town.

    You guys seem to have a pretty sweet system in CA. I have applied to grad schools and was sure to include a few out there. It always makes me feel so good when I smoke, surely there is some doctor to figure out what it is I am treating.
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    Good looks on that glass. Hope your enjoying the snow here in sunny, beautiful Massachusetts (metrowest myself)

    Welcome to the city and i hope you enjoy it as much as everyone else!:wave:
    EDIT: did you pick up that bub at a headshop in MA? I got mine at The Hempest but i like the shape of yours.
  6. The Bong and rasta hammer are from Sugar Daddies in Kenmore. That place is absolutely the best and they always take care of repeat customers.

    The blue sherlock was a gift, but I have seen them at Sugar Daddies as well.

    The snow is fun to watch while I am sitting home sick and self medicating:D
  7. I got me a nice red, white and blue sidecar from the hempest. always used to go to boston headshops about 2 years ago, but i was underage then(18 now) and sugar daddies loved to card us before we got in the door, but i could buy stuff from the hempest without an I.D. I haven't been to boston(for headshops atleast) in a minute, maybe i see a trip to sugar daddies in the near future. If you dont mind me asking, what did that bong cost, and how does it hit? I really do need a good bong.

  8. Well, its hard to say how much anything "costs" there. Before this one I had a very similar HVY piece (slightly smaller and thinner glass) which was marked $230 and I got for $200 or $190 and my kitties subsequently broke.

    Our second time in to replace it he recognized me. This slightly more robust HVY piece, 14" and 6mm glass, was marked at like $260. With an ashcatcher marked at $80 I think I got out for around $250 total with a free bottle of bling glass cleaner.

    If you hang out and get to know them for a few minutes while you look at "water pipes" (never say "bong") they will give you a deal. Whatever you do don't pay sticker price.

    As for the bong, it is really solid. It has an ice catcher and works well with or without. I looked at RooRs and stuff but for the money this was much nicer. No need to pay for the name.
  9. ey man your sherlock is lookin classy as fuck.. pimp ass stand too! welcome to the community
  10. welcome to the city official blade, and not saying you were but dont be mad at your girlfriend for stopping your from smoking tobacco :D because that meens you truly got a girl that cares for you, and hey i love your rasta colored pipe i was normally looking for one but couldnt find anywere :smoking:

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