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  1. What up guys. I'm a college student who smokes a lot of weed. I'm in a fraternity and do a lot of partying so i honestly enjoy a variety of substances but weed is the only one I use regularly. I smoke about 3 times a day but I'm not really dependent on it as T breaks for as long as a month don't bother me. I'm just young and enjoying living a little wild I guess, lol. I started toking 2 years ago. I've had a rough life since I was about 14 with a lot of trauma but I worked really hard to get to where I want to be in life and now just enjoy living life to the fullest. My main interests are working out, music, partying and girls. I listen to a lot of hip hop like Wiz khalifa, Future, etc. I'm a very sociable guy so this forum should be fun. Peace and keep tokin!
  2. Welcome to the forum

    I'm just gonna place this here:
  3. Welcome to GC! :)
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  4. Welcome! Cannabis makes everything so much more meaningful and enjoyable- including those chores which you hated. Keep blazing~!
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  5. Another dude with a chick for an avatar. That's always so confusing...


    Welcome. Have a brownie.
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