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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by wishinonastar, Nov 25, 2013.

  1. Hey to anyone who's reading. I didn't think I would post anything up so soon, but luckily I saw the Please Introduce Yourself thread lol. Might as well break the ice here. Coming from NJ, female, 22, finishing up college work, and just hoping to get my shit together in terms of the future (job/career, financial independence, etc). 
    Originally, I came through this site from the search engine, Google, for advice/tips on various topics like vaporizers, drug testing (I'm sticking it out instead :-/), rolling up, and most of the time, entertainment :) .
    I hope I can share my ideas and thoughts articulately here on this forum, whether it's 420-related or not.
    Don't mind feedback if it's positive and constructive. 

  2. beware of dirty old men on here.....LOL
    just kidding , hello. :)
  3. Good to meet ya! I wish more people would say what they are all about, welcome to the city!

    Toke On!

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