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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by EarthWand, Dec 11, 2002.

  1. Hello,

    My name is EarthWand - I am at one with Mother Earth.

    I realize my views on nature are often confronted with the majority's materialistic social rut but there you go - water off a little duckling's back.

    I'm also looking for my true love, I have a good feeling I might find her this side of 2003.

    If your out there dreaming of me, let me know. I've always been here for you.


  2. Welcome to THE City, and good luck in your quest.
  3. I found a cure for depression from nature... I was a depressed for some 2 years, and then one summer I realised how amazing the nature can be, it made me really really happy, I was almost walking in the air.
  4. Hi thanks for making me feel welcome.

    Well this seems to me like I made the right choice.

    ubik I hear what you saying man. when i'm out and about in nature I just have to love the ground you know?
    Where in da world do your feet take you man?
    I want to hear how you started listening to nature - if it's cool yea
  5. ;) welcome to the city. you sound like you might have some interesting things on your mind you can share..! awesome. welcome!
  6. Well it was more like the nature came to me and took me in.
    I don't spend that much time in a forrest or anything but I hear the whisper it makes, I enjoy the shape of an Leaf or the color of the sun light in mid december.
  7. You say you can hear her whisper - I'm curious, does the whispering ever freak you out?
  8. earth wand, i am here to strike back at ya
    where ever u see nature, u see me
    i AM nature...
    i AM the world
    i AM all that u see
    i just AM

  9. hello Earthwand I too am new to this board and am one with the earth but i dont think im as close as i should be. I feel as though I have alot to learn and hopefully everyone here can shed some light on my journeys.......maybe peace and joy be with you in your journey as well my dear brother in finding ya soul mate may your feet guide you to happiness
  10. It doesn't freak me out, why should it? well it could freak me out at the night time if I wasn't that keen on absorbing the dark in me, it's a difficult thing to explain but I try to put it simple:
    Some people are white from the out side but pitch black inside.
    Some people are Black from the outside but snow white in deep.

    In here the outside is the things that people show outside and are mostly interested i.e the majority of ones personality.

    The inside is the thing's we don't show to other people, meaning emotions etc. that only come out as sudden bursts.

    I used to meet this girl (we've known and loved each other for years, some times closer sometimes colder) and She's an person who's glowing white from the outside, I mean she almost radiates, but deep inside she's jet black and has these bursts of uncontrolled hate and just plain evil (well not horns and black wings but....) I however are more of tha Black outside person my self, I like things that are somewhat linked to death, perversions, obsessions, destruction, darkness, everything that's somehow from the "opposite" of normal, but inside I know that I could never hurt anybody, I only want good to people close to me, I like things that have more spectres that just black and white, but most of the time they filter trough this Black outside I have and come out in a grey scale.....
  11. Welcome to the city of grass. Have fun!
  12. Welcome to the best city on the 'Net! Enjoy your time here. :)

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