AllGood festival!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by SmokinGurl, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. Awesome music/ hippie festival in WV this summer.
    Heard tons of good stuff, n cant wait to go!!
    Ever heard? Anyone ever been?
    more info for interested ppl ----->

    I cannot wait! =]
  2. I went in 2004 (5 years ago already? crazy) and had a blast.
    Remember to take gear for all seasons and take a lot of food and water. Some things you really don't forget to bring are a knife, a cooking pot, a bowl, duct tape, rope, trashbags and plenty of lighters. You're going to be fucked up from the minute you get in the camp grounds (I bought some mushrooms while I was still in my truck which made a night time camp set up even harder) and when you need a rest you aren't going to want to be laying in water and or garbage. So make camp as comfortable as possible, tarps for roofs because it always seems to be raining or scorchingly hot. Get a flagpole and make a flag. That'll help you so much to find your place while you're tripping.

    Drugs are everywhere so don't bother bringing any when you come, just buy them there. Since there's so much, you're bound to find a deal. You can get anything you want from weed to mescaline to a prostitute if you want to risk a nasty disease... Most people are really nice but you'll come across some shady people probably, just be wary so you don't get robbed. Heard it happened a few times over the week end I went.

    One part that stands out for me was taking some boomers in chocolate on the second day after taking mushrooms that first night, a few hits of acid the next day so I didn't expect much. Wrong, these fuckers were strong and as I was sitting on the sunny hill in front of the stage, listening to Keller Williams looping music for what seemed like hours, a clove cigarette completely bugged me out. I had to leave and stumble through the bazaar, trying to decide if the camp site or the truck would be a better place to hide. The truck had a tinted window cab over the bed, plus the 20 gallon jug of water.

    I spent the next three or four hours randomly getting up, laying down, drinking water and watching people flow past the truck. I could still hear the stage, could have been John Brown's Body I think but I don't remember. The third day I just chilled out and smoked like a half oz to myself, enjoying better weather and the Dark Star Orchestra.

    Its still a few months away, but have fun and be safe. Music festivals can be quite an endurance trial.
  3. i live kinda close to it and have never been to it but might try to go this year
  4. never heard of any of those artists. sounds cool though.
  5. Who else is goin to Allgood?

    I just found out a couple friends will be up there for it. I'm seriously considering buyin a bus ticket and makin my way up there for the festival :D

    Saw K-dub at Wanee last weekend, would love to see him again at Allgood. Sound tribe will be sick too.

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