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Allergy symptoms after t-break

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Tdot Toker, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. I took a 2 month tolerance break starting at the beginning of January and resumed smoking a week or two ago. However, after smoking I get a runny/blocked nose, I sneeze a lot and my eyes get sooo fucking itchy and sore i want to tear them out of my head.

    Is this to do with smoking? or like kief crystals getting on my hands and into my eyes/nose?
    I moved back to Toronto after living in California for 6 months and the place I'm living has quite alot of dust so I'm not entirely sure that its the bud and am wondering whether it's one of those reasons?

    I'd been smoking daily for 2 years (taken a few tolerance breaks) before this most recent t-break

    what do blades?
  2. My allergies are kicking my ass with no relevance to smoking, but a short google search shows that weed could help with some allergies :confused_2:

    Dust is probably the main concern, but kief could also be irritating your eyes, as it is technically pollen right? ;)

    anti-histamines could help, perhaps zyrtec or an equivalent?

    stop smoking and see if the symptoms go away, if they do you might have to consider other smoking techniques
  3. Maybe your just significantly higher? And I know for a fact the humidity is different in eastern canada so that might be why your eyes and nose are bugging you. Iss it only when your high?

  4. I'm gonna try out something like zyrtec tomorrow and see if it might make a difference.
    I've been smoking joints, my bong and my mflb so I've tried basically everything apart from edibles. :(

    I really do think it's to do with moving. A couple months ago I flew to Calgary and I had the same kind of reaction (although far less irritating) without smoking.
    Also could just be my bud, I've noticed it's got tons of trichomes and I've collected alot of kief too.

    Fuck, I hope I'm not allergic to Mary Jane
  5. I sometimes get the runs, sneeze and have puffy eyes with some weed, and sometimes even nothing really happens symptom wise. Id keep going as usual for another week then if it gets worse its the erb obviously. And humidity is definatley related to eye moisture deficiency and can even cause nosebleeds in some severe cases lol

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