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  1. So this saturday we went to my buddies house. He still lives with his rents, but he had a lot of ppl over. There was about 30 or so, jsut a group of our friends.

    Anyways, my gf and 2 buddies decide to go toke at the park. We go there and star blazin with the rest of my weed, while sitting on the ground. My one buddy was really drunk and supposively he told us he was allergic to dandelions.

    So we start burning dandelions and he starts breaking out. It was hillarious, he was all blotchy so he went home to get his medicine.

    He didn't come back that night. I guess he went home and started puking because he had like 20 shots in half an hour. IDIOT.

    Funny shit though, I don't really like this guy.
  2. arent u just so cool? fuckin douchebag fuck you
  3. Usually I'm against things like this, but I'm with Jim on this one. You sir, are a prick for doing that. What if he would have died from being allergic to it? How would you fucking have felt then? Grow up!


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