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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by HiGhAsApLaNe, Sep 23, 2009.

  1. Hey guys, well here it is, i was smoking by myself out of a water bottle and tinfoil (STUPID) but hey it was only like my 3rd time smoking so i didnt buy anything yet. but i was smoking and it was definitely the first time i got high no doubt, i though i was before..... but this was def a first. any way i was all done and my brother came home and caught me (he didnt know i did yet) so i just sat there, then all of a sudden i started to shake really bad and sweat uncontrollably (like it was literally pouring off my face, you could have bottled it) and so my brother googled it and they said that that was the quickest way for my body to get rid of any toxins in my body, but anyway he ends up calling 911 and they come and take me to the hospital, where they did all the tests and stuff, and it turns out there was nothing else in the weed, and they said it was probally just an allergic reaction. i just wanted to know if that was possible because it would suck really bad if i was. thanks
  2. Well a person can be allergic to practically anything, even the sun. Crazy right. But did this reaction happen during the other two times?
  3. Some people are allergic to the pollen and just get hyper red eyes (I don't mean bloodshot I mean blood fucking red) and a stuffy nose when they smoke up. And like any allergy, symptoms can vary and some outbreaks are more severe then others, and may involve swellings and difficulty to breathe.

    However since all you did was sweat and shake... that sounds more like a panic attack to me man. Since you're new to blazing maybe you just had a little freak out? It can happen, nothing to be ashamed of!
  4. well like idk, i was kinda trying to hide it from my bro, because hes like Anti shit (becoming a Doc) but like i didnt really have a choice, all i remember was i was tired, sitting on the couch and shaking really bad like violently, but short so i was like vibrating i guess i could say, and sweating really bad, but the funny thing was when the paramedic showed up i just stopped shaking, just like that. but i dont really know, thats why im here =)

    Edit** and no it didnt happen the other two times, i only recently got high this one time.
  5. oh and i had extremely extremely bad nausea while shaking. so
  6. Sounds like a panic attack man, but that's just my 2 cents.
  7. ok sounds good, because i was about to not smoke anything anymore, so i guess i can take it slow from now on
  8. yea it's possible my friend is taht blows bruh ahahh

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