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Allergic to weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by engaged44, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. Ever since I bought a grinder and started grinding my weed for bowls I smoke if I smell the grinder up weed my nose starts to tickle and I sneeze the way I do when I am suffering from allergies...also rarely but sometimes after I smoke I start to sneeze from the weed smoke smell...

    My high is always fucking amazing. Do you think I'm allergic to weed? Even if I am I'm gonna keep blazing cause my highs are fine...the worst things that happen are my nose gets all stuffed up and I sneeze.

    What do you think?
  2. Being allergic to weed? Impossible. You're probably allergic to smoke.
    Try eating weed edibles, I guarantee you won't have any type of "allergic reaction".

    Smoke bothers me a little and plugs my nose, but I don't care all too much...
  3. Smoking opens up the your nasal glands in your nose, many people including me have a runny nose after smoking, if you are used to allergies and sneeze alot it probably effects you harsher than most. After you are done smoking fully blow out your nose, and and breath in fresh air.
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    Impossible, of course not you can be allergic to anything its your chemical make up of your body that is the deciding factor of whether or not you are allergic to something, very rare cases, some people are allergic to water (their skin, and mouth) and have to be given liquids through a tube, and crying, and showering is extremely painfull.
  5. ^

    yeah exactly, and it wud b hilarious if he was one of a very small minority of people on the earth who was allergic to cannabis. hahaha i wanna meet people like that.

  6. Allergic to water? You guys kill me.
  7. i work at a brewery and the other day an older hippie lady came in and we started talking and eventually got on the subject of herb. she says she had smoked about 20 times in here life and had thrown up every single time. also said she had eaten edibles and still made her sick.
    i dated a girl who said she was allergic to weed....she really just got panic attacks.
    also, a girl i went to high school with was allergic to the sun, there are some crazy allergies out there.
  8. it is def. possible to be allergic to THC my friend mark is. it is mild and he still smokes but he says he'd rather be high and have allergies than to not be high and have allergies anyway.
  9. It is hypothesised that most, if not all, allergies occur because of built up toxins in the liver/kidneys. Certain substances can cause the human reactions to these toxins to increase. (such as sneezing/runny nose) This is hypothesised because people that undergo a liver/kidney detox usually cure there "allergies". You could always try a liver detox? Look up "lemon juice liver detox"
  10. so if i do this lemon juice detox i won't be lactose intolerant???
  11. lactose intolerant isn't necessarily an allergy, but an alteration to your bodies use/need for lactose. I'm not a doctor though, so I couldn't say whether it would cure it or not.. doubtful though.

    Also, if you choose to do a liver detox, it is wise to use laxatives a few days beforehand to clear the colon of debri. Otherwise the toxins will just be redigested by the colon, and defeat the purpose. (if the colon is clogged up at all) Also, I suggest limiting your alcohol consumption with freshly cleansed liver/kidneys.
  12. i was just joshin' not really lactose intolerant, but it would be nice to get rid of the rye grass and olive allergies
  13. Mango and latex:wave:Allergies suck.:(
  14. Speaking of odd allergies, my poor wife is allergic to ink (no tats for her, even newspapers make her hands break out) and pot smoke, even edibles make her throat feel funny so she can't eat them. (she has anxiety attacks and siezures, very scary :|)

  15. ugh! latex what a crummy allergy. what about condoms :p
  16. it happened again guys. ever since i grinded up my weed i cant stop sneezing
  17. hm... try not smelling :D

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