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Allergic to Weed?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Phloydrix, May 10, 2010.

  1. This never used to happen, but for the past few months, every time I smoke I will start sneezing alot and my voice gets a little raspy. I think I might be slightly allergic to weed.. Anyone else get this?
  2. No, nor have I ever heard of this phenomenon.
  3. nah. once it's burnt you can't be allergic to it anyway.
  4. if you were allergic to it your skin would react every time you touch it. so unless you forgot to tell us about that, i dont think your allergic so :bongin:
  5. exact
  6. any idea then what is triggering the sneezing? I'm positive it's caused by me smoking weed..
  7. idk dude try a vape, maybe something in the smoke is irritating your nose. .. trying holding it in your lungs instead of in sinuses? idk
  8. a sneeze is your bodies way of clearing the upper respiratory tract, cough for the lower. the reason yoru sneezing is most likely just a bit of irritation from the smoke.......and pollen levels and allergens in general are at extreme highs this year (in the states)
  9. i know a kid who is allergic to thc.poor poor kid.:(
  10. from what ive seen, these guys dont know dip shit about allergies. i have to get 4 allergy shots a month and take 4 pills a day. im alergic to every type of grass in nebraska and most pollen and trees so it wouldnt surprise me if i was allergic to weed to. I have the same sort of problem except for me, after i smoke a lot, i have trouble with breathing, like im around cats and i usaully take a puff of my inhaler. no sneezing but im not a sneezing person when it comes to allergies. i think its possible tho. use an inhaler if u have one. it helps me.
  11. same here man... i just got alot of my meds doubled and it definately helps... but when i do smoke i start sneezing and i get that throat rasp. i'm sure its cause i'm allergic to it (just not very) and i try and cut my smoking down. vapes tend to help but doesn't fully fix the problem. allergies are crazy right now though. i can't even really party cause if i'm outside and its windy as fuck like it is right now i start dieing lol
  12. im so glad im not..
  13. the voice change is normal, happens to many people. more aftertoking a lot/long time
  14. I sneeze a lot after smoking and my eyes get itchy as hell when I box my car, so I'd say you're more likely having issues with the smoke, not the weed.

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