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allergic to hash but not weed?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by zeppelin1239, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. hey everyone,
    i need all of your advise. my dad told me that he smoked hash twice when he was a kid and broke out in an all over body rash both times. the doctors told him that he was allergic, but he smoked weed too and wasn't allergic to that. id like to know if you guys think im allergic to hash cus now i dont want to try it because im not sure if im allergic like he is, but i really wanna know what its like!


    sorry for bad grammar. im kinda burnt. :smoking:
  2. sorry i have no answer for you

    im still trying to get over how bad i feel for your dad--being allergic to hash. shit that blows.
  3. Well no one on an internet forum is gonna know if your allergic to hash just cause your dad is. Your gonna have to try it for yourself.
  4. The difference between hash and bud I think is comparable to the difference of lortabs and heroin. All the hash and oil I've smoked was pretty harsh, but was amazing and smooth in a vaporizer. I've never heard of someone being allergic to hash and not weed. Maybe it was something caused by the way the hash was made giving the effects, like some kind of chemical residue used and left in the extraction proccess.
  5. when you smoke bud, youre smoking not just the same substance as you do when you smoke hash, but plant material as well. so.... its all in your head. smoke some hash!
  6. i think either your dad was allergic to some kind of chemical used to make the hash or he had only a minor allergy to something in marijuana to where he couldnt notice in the small THC concentration of weed compared to hash

    sorry if this doesnt make lifted right now
  7. do it and find out.
  8. Ya it seems very possible that there could have been some kind of adulterant in the hash that your dad was allergic to, unless he made it himself. That just doesnt really make sense to be allergic to hash and not bud.
  9. hmm... alright. i think ill do it! ill just keep an epipen with me when i do! Thanks!
  10. I'm thinking that it's a mild allergy to something in weed that he can handle in the plant material, but it gets concentrated when it's extracted, try different types of hash, and see what happens. (bubble, KWIso, honey oil, ect)
  11. Exactly. Give er a try man. :smoking::smoking:

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