Allen Wrench

Discussion in 'General' started by inkielee, May 4, 2011.

  1. Anyone else have a bad trip on this?

    Also.....I'm trying to ease my way into smoking sativa (for some reason it doesn't agree with me). First exp was with the allen wrench and I freaked out. What do you guys recommend to start out with?
  2. strain?
    i hope ur not smoking tools now.
  3. sativa
  4. I had a bad trip when i smoked some dippy
  5. so that's a yes. sorry i can't help at all. just jumpin round the forum. GL.
  6. Ive found that negative effects on weed are usually psychological..

    If you smoke in a comfortable environment, dont get super stoned, and just relax and dont let bad thoughts get to your head, youll be fine.

    When you start to let those negative thoughts effect you, youre fucked. Always remember: its ONLY because youre high, weed will never hurt you, it loves everyone equally.
  7. I recommend Headband, which you can get easily since you're in Cali. The effects are the same as the name of it, like someone wearing a headband to control their hair. It keeps you buzzed mainly in your head and the rest of your body acts like normal (sober). Very uplifting and lets you get a lot of things done. Sour Diesel is another option, but it gives me a stupid/laughing high, which could work great for you as well.
  8. im assuming you have access to dispenseraries like everyone else in cali, lol.

    i myself love sour diesel and blue dream
  9. Wtf is Allen wrench? :confused:
  10. I love it

    If I didnt have it, I swear I could never fix my car
  11. lol allen wrench is a sativa but i dont remember its genetics. It takes great and very strong, planning to get some in the coming week and may write something for it as I could not find anything about it online.
  12. here's what my dispensary had to say about it......maybe just indicas are for you. fyi this dispensary will actually post in the side effects if it causes anxiety or depression in some doesn't say it tho and i've smoked it before and i found it to be an average sativa, nothing too different

    Allen Wrench

    Price: $13/gram Specie: Sativa

    Treats: Migraines, Lack of Appetite, Depression, Post Menstrual Symptoms

    Side Effects: Euphoria, Lethargy, Happiness, Dry Mouth/Eyes

    Bouquet: Mentholated cough drop, pine, diesel fuel
  13. lol i though you were talking about some kind of tools.
  14. Thanks for all of your input :). I'm just gonna stick with indica for now. Allen wrench seriously made me flip out, I accused my friend of dropping me off at the wrong house lol.
  15. ya just stick to indicas and you'll be chill for the most part. what part of cali are you in??
  16. Maybe just go with a hybrid.
  17. Never tried it, I'll have to
  18. I'm in orange county

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