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All You Parents!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by namron_420s, Jul 20, 2002.

  1. ok...well...heres the deal, my mom smokes...i smoke, i know she smokes, she starts rolling joints in front of me and dad kinda gives her a look and she goes away to do it, and shes very open about it, they always inquire as to whether or not i have been smoking bud, i would like to tell my mom at least, i dont know*but probably she will* if shell tell my dad. how would you want your child *im 18..* to breach this subject to you?..would you rather come home and be proud finding them toking up to better dank than you can do i go about this?!
  2. To start off with I can't really say too much because I don't know you, (that well) but more importantly I don't know what kind of relationship you have with your folks. But, honesty is sometimes the best. (I did'nt throw policy on the end cause that would be so cliche')

    How do you think they (or your dad) would react if they found out. Would they be more pissed if you were hiding it from them or if you openly 'fessed up? Time to weigh the two evils!

    Or you could go on being covert. And hope you don't get caught. But you know how stoners leave stuff laying around.

    take your pick.***

    The opinions expressed in this reply are unprofessional and entirely based on speculation and stoned rambling. Besides, Jimi Hendrix "Are You Experienced?" just came on the satellite so it's time to wake the dead!!!
  3. I am not a daddy to anyone old enough to be smoking yet but I'd say the your smoking better shit then she can get would be nice :) Be like "Mom, I'll share some if you don't tell dad" Do they even know you smoke? They have never caught you?
  4. well..i think mom would blaze with me, shes blazed with my cousins, but, thats my cousins and not her son...weve talked about it before, she knows ive tried it, ive repeatedly told her im not a drinker but i still have fun, havent been caught, nothing has been found..secret still safe:D...i would just like them to know..that way i could be a lil more free about it

    excessive use of caps..i felt necessary
  6. lol, walk out blazin with her see what she says, if she doing it too freely in the house wtf can she say...just like smoking ciggs, parents cant talk shit to their kids if they start if they themselfs are lightin it up in the house right in front of them
  7. tll her dude get ll your courage up and just do it man my mom blazes sometime for pain reasons but i could nt tell her but i might man it woudl make everything easier
  8. yea, THAT'S PERFECT! Dont auctuaully light up first in front of her. Ask her to pass itover when she's doing it, see the re-action first......

  9. What she said.
  10. my parents know now........
  11. my dad is a chronic, and i've always know it. i told both my parents after the first time. i was 13. they were really cool about it, glad i had told them. no lectures or anything. then, when i was 17 and just graduating from highschool, dad passed the joint to me at a family gathering. i've been hardcore ever since. hahaha lol

    i only kept cigarettes from my folks, for about 5 years. they knew, i just didn't admit it.

    but tell your folks. they probably know anyway. parents are not stupid, espically if your mom tokes. be honest, man. it'll take you far.
  12. i think it pretty much started yesterday when i went to get the truck...we were in the store and dad asked me what i had in my pocket (two packs of cigs, one was cigs, one was all my gear) and i told him cigs, then he says show me the open box..(both were open, dont know what the fuck he was thinking) so i take the open box of cigs, and open it and proudly display to him that they are cigs, then put them up, then he asks me whats in the other box, so i punch him in the arm and tell him to stay out of my business, also when i was walking to the truck i reached in to get my keys, and accidentally pulled out my big hemp braided roach clips thinks he saw em:smoking:
    so anyway, i come home last night about 1230 and he is sitting outside on the steps, and i was like..ohhh shit, so i walk up and he says ya know, drivin on that shit will get you a dui, i said yeah, umm..what shit?, he says dope, i say yeah, im aware of the implications, he says ok... so then i go to walk inside, and i cant open the fucking door, i think its locked and say "man your locked outside" he laughs his ass off, walks over to the door and opens it no prollem, and busts out laughing even more...then later on he asked me if i was doing anything else, i said nope, scared to do anything else, and cant drink cuz i hurl, he said ok....then he started raggin on me askin me if i had any plants or anything, and i was no no i i think imull go tear them up today..that sucks..cuz my fucking legs have caught hell from the ticks and chiggers from me babying the pretty ladies...ahh well, i guess its kind of a respect thing, anywya, im not in trouble, and im supposed to share with mom now..haha

    have the greatest most wonderful productive outstanding happiest day of your life.....everyday
  13. i blaze with my 18 year old son, i just said one day be honest do u smoke, he gives me the "whadda mean" look i say pot u smoke he kinda tries to avoid it so i said well i am going to blow a j so if u want your welcome to join me, needless to say he did, this opened a whole new avenue of communication for us as well, when hes high he rambles on and on so i've learned alot in a short period of time thanks pot...
  14. hmm.. i dont think theres really any foolproof way of telling your parents.. personally, i have no need to TELL my parents i smoke, but they still know.. if you want to let them know, basically just let them catch you.. play it off as something really casual and it may make them feel better about what you do. like casually smoke a bowl in your room every once in a while and see what they think.. theres no need to be really blatant about it though.. if they find out then they find out, and if they dont then they dont. simple as that.. if youre all secretive about it and act like its some huge deal, then thatll rub off on your rents as well.. just be as casual as you can about it, and let them know that it isnt some huge obsession going on behind their backs.
  15. aww norm that was a totally cute story. when my mom found out she threatened to kick me out of the house :D

    i also loved your quote:

    "have the greatest most wonderful productive outstanding happiest day of your life.....everyday"

    thanks for the reminder, and thanks for the story. i'm glad your parents finding out went somewhat smoothly, i am sure they trust you as they know how responsible you are (you sure seem it!)

    NEXT on NORMTV... "Smokin' out with the Moms" lol!
  16. I have to tell you kids a story. Hope it doesn't bore you too much but please be kind for I am a parent and would like to hear what you have to say about what I am about to reveal of my life's story: I am 47 yrs old and have a daughter who is 12. My family owned a local bar and I had 3 uncles in various jobs of law enforcement. I smoked my first joint on my 16th birthday. My mother found out and got my uncles to confront me on the forbidden subject (at that time)
    I spoke out then that I saw no harm in toking as I had tried EVERYTHING from coke to heroin and LSD. My preference then was pot and still is. In my 31 years of toking I have never heard of anyone OD'ing or dying from toking. My mother started buying me cigarettes in the hopes I would quit toking. Of course I still have that nasty habit which I would probly quit if pot were legal.. If still remains my drug of choice. I am now teaching my daughter that I would rather see her toke than drink or do hard drugs and cigarettes. I am leaving the decision up to her. Of course she is too young now but I hope she will make the right choice. I am an active supporter of NORML. I will always be truthful about my toking. I disagree with the laws and believe it is time to tell the truth and let freedom of choice rule in America. I urge everyone of voting age to talk openly andshare your thoughts to your parents. Use good judgement cause only you know what kind of relationship you have with your folks
    Everyone agrees that abusing drugs is dangerous as it is with abusing anything or anyone.
    I am a parent and activist in my community. I am not well liked by many and respected by others.
    Make good choices in your life and dont be afraid to be truthful with yourself.
    Use good judgement with whom you talk to and know that America is the home of the brave and the land of the FREE.

  17. I think its real good you tell you want the best of health for your daughter, but the age which you told her worries me. Im in no way telling you how to parent your own kids, but something that I noticed is that kids talk too much, and even if you are an activist, iunno... just the thought of having other people see you with the wrong angle in which you try to raise your kid (makes sense?) well... things get hard for you and your family.

    But I can see you got only the best intentions, if only I had kickass parents like you :(
  18. That's alright dude!

    Right on on the respect thing.

    You's a pretty classy kid!
  19. Haha :D You guys rule! My mum knows I smoke weed, and have done shrooms, and she knows my brother has done more than that but she's never asks what. She just doesn't let me smoke it in the house. Haha, I just go to my friends house, and come back home stoned, and she doesn't mind.
    And my Dad lives in Holland, so he doesn't mind either.
  20. Well when my dad was alive he and my brother used to toke up together. As my broher tells the story," As i was dealing dad knew that i was. well when i got sick with mono my friends would come over to get some weed. dad would then come up to my room and say 'what u didn't save me any.' then when christmas came around i gave out sone free nickle bags. and after all of my friends left he said what u didn't save me any. then my brother went up and got his 3 litre bong. and a 20 bag. he walked into the den and slammed the bag and bong on the table and said u wanna get stoned or what. dad stared at me and said 'ok' so when we started to toke up i filled the chamber and he cleared it in one hit. and did that 2 more times. then he was like 'we have to do this right' he went and got 2 16 oz shot glasses and filled them with vodka so dad was pretty cool"

    I miss my dad

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