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all you europeans out there i need ur help do uput baccy in ur pipe with weed

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by lacrossestar, Jan 3, 2003.

  1. Do you do it or just pure weed or do you just smoke hash in your pipe?
  2. only use tobacco in a spliff, especially with hash, but no never in a pipe/bong.
  3. i reckon about 10% baccy in bongs - no more, but you do need that little extra bit - helps it burn and the THC kick in quicker and more effectively... extensive research has shown ;)
  4. greetz from germany

    i smoke weed pure in my bong ... sometimes with a little bit tobacco, but only when i got very strong weed from NL
    we also mix hash or weed with some tobacco when we smoke joint...but the best way to get stoned chilled is by smokin' pure weed in a very fat blunt...that rocks :)!!
  5. I only use tobacco for weed if I want to "dilute" it for whatever reason.
    But for hash I always use tobacco. Even in bongs, just a little to help it burn. Or I use weed :D

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