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All Ye Ole Timers

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by purtysmokingurl, Dec 15, 2002.

  1. Okay, now I know I am a brand new member, but where are all the over 40 smokers?? :)
  2. Here is another OFFF member reporting in.

    Wait she said over 40. Damn I'm only 39 and7 months. I won't be 40 till may. Oh well I'm still classified as an OFFF.

    In case you don't know...........OLD FRIED FARTS AAND FARTETTES. LOL
  3. and i thought she meant 40 spliffs a day!
  4. Oh damn yes I definitely qualify for that designation... 43 here.. only smoke a pinch hitter now, no more large j's.. and miss the "good ole ten buck bag years" AHAHA
  5. omg... 40 a day.... i would die coughing... too funny :)
  6. what about all the 14 year old smokers hell ya

  7. Don't let it be known you are less than 18. This site has a rule that you must be 18 to join..

    For those who are not as old as us old farts there is the YFFF's.

    Young Fried Farts and Fartettes!
  8. and if your only 8 like me you can join the VYFFF's....hehe
  9. Listen young man, if you are only 14 and smoking weed... you need your ass grounded.. study now! :)

  10. Hilarious, lmao.
  11. HIGH All, welcome to the City purtysmokingurl. So what part of the world we from? I'm betting one of my neighbours to the South.
    Best Home away from Home purtysmokingurl hope you'll enjoy yourself here. Alot of good people who've been yaking back and forth for a few years now.
  12. Hey hello to all Canucks!! :) Thanks! I reside in USA, the grand state of Texas.

  13. It's OK.

    We won't hold that against ya!:)

    What else would you expect an Okie to say?

    I am chronologically aligned with you.

    That's a fancy way of saying I'm 43 too.

    I think Critter is about the only one older than us.

    Could be wrong.

    Have been before.

    Welcome to the City!

    I think you'll like it here.
  14. "high" all: I'm new here I been lookin for me a Purtysmokingurl, I'm 50, from Ga. USA, home to peanuts, pecans, James Earl Carter[ best man to ever live in whitehouse,last President to call for decriminalization of pot]] and a whole lotta pot-head inmates, and and dumb-ass politicians that think pot is evil.
    If I could find me a peaceful female friend in a state[or country,hint hint, Canada] with medical marijuana[grow-ur-own] laws, I'ld move in a heartbeat. I grow all kinda taisty organic treats, cook, give great massages[ex-pro], and thanks to replacing oxycontin with cannabis, I'm back to wantin some 4 or 5 times a week.
    Glad to be here folks, hope y'all can put up with a jaded old hippy , that just wants to be free, to smoke my herb, and not go to prison for it.
  15. HIgh and welcome to you inpain....
  16. Yes, and hopefully, NO ONE UNDER 18.... anyway, i am glad to have some smokin friends my age, i only know a handful in real time,, i am what u might call a "closet toker" hehe...i am the master of moderation, certainly not a "head" AHAHAHAHAHA, right.... :)
  17. OH hell i forgot to say, you guys need to get a new name for the senior club.... i am neither fried, nor old, haha, and certainly not a fart... bitch maybe, but not a fart....

    to the okie: Hook em Horns
  18. All right all you pot smokers...........................





  19. BEing a female you would not be a "Fart".

    We would classify you as a "fartette"

    And Welcome to the club.
  20. ............I'd call it .........experienced!!

    I'll 'fess up - I'm uuhhh.... HOLY SHIT - 35 on my next birthday!!! I just realized that!! I quit givin a shit about my age a long time ago. Some days I feel fuckin 60!! Occasionally I feel 18. I fight and wrestle with my boys a lot. Those are my good days!!!
    I have been taking more naps here lately - I think it's the weather.

    Anyway, welcome and make yourself at home!! Everyone here is 'tha shit'!!!

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