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All weed except reggies is laced?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by narchitect, May 28, 2009.

  1. A friend of mine told me today that the names given for different kinds of weed like White Widow, Sour Diesel, and O.G. Kush exist because the weed is laced with different drugs. Is this true? He said there was Oxycodone in White Widow and RAID Insect Killer in O.G. Kush. Does that mean I have done drugs like cocaine, opiates, or PCP without knowing it? Is there any way to protect myself from those drugs?
  2. lol is this serious?

    Not true man you're fine he's just fucking with you.
  3. LOL, no, you're friend is pretty dumb, i'm sorry... Look here in the apprentice section for the thread about lacing. It is very unprofitable to do shit like that. The vast majority of weed is not laced; you can feel safe. To protect yourself, I would just follow that stickied guide on inspecting your weed. But like I said, its rare, so you can probably just toke with confidence:bongin:
  4. why would you lace good bud with ther drugs, i always got laced shit in the reggies or dirt
  5. Well your friend is either a dumb ass or he is just messing with you. Most dealers will not lace weed because it is simply not economical. No dealer will waste their money lacing weed since they will lose money when they sell it. Plus who would spray bug spray on weed anyway? Don't listen to him, 99% of the time it is just all natural herb. Happy toking man!
  6. Want to know how to avoid laced weed? Don't buy from shady characters at suspiciously high prices.. Unless they're just twisted, nobody is going to sell you 2 drugs for the price of 1.
  7. i know people that spray raid on regs btw, also ive been exposed to pcp laced pot, also in some dirt regs, some methods like raid are cheap and economical, sure not a majority of weed is laced but its out there, and if youre not careful you may find yourself in a hospital bed with an iv in your arm, maybe they'll throw in a cathader if youre lucky
    eidt: also this weed is cheap as shit, even the pcp laced batch was some of the cheapest stuff ive seen

  8. Haaaaa ha ha that cracked me up :D

  9. I condone this Facepalm.

    Don't believe the lies man, no one laces bud. Your friend is stupid.

    Weed on its own is good enough.
  10. waste of money to lace weed....only weed that is laced is if you lace it or you ask for it,and its semi hard to find laced weed

  11. OMG me too, im dying right now!

    And op, your friend is clearly fucking with you and he got you good!
  12. You're friend is either messing with you or he was dropped on his head a few times as an infant.
  13. The shit's not laced unless you want it laced. I've only smoked laced shit once. It was laced with crack, and my heart started racing and I got all paranoid and shit. It wasn't that enjoyable. And it was expensive. Bottom line: lacing it is expensive and you only get it if you want it.
  14. Well said. Have another green dot, on me.
  15. Dude your friend is telling you complete truth.
  16. yes man your friend is telling the truth all us pot smokers like to keep it on the down low but i love nothing more then spraying my kush down with raid before i smoke it

  17. Ouch, guys, harsh. I was just asking an honest question :(
  18. HAHA, wow.

  19. ya some people on here are assholes man trust me i've been here since '05...... i BARELY ever post, and this is why.... its sad when you cant get a straight answer in the APPRENTICE TOKERS lounge........ this is supposed to the place you go to ask questions like this....

    anyways ya dude nobody would give you laced weed, it would burn a hole right in their pocket..... which is NOT the point in selling drugs.....

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