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  1. So these popped soil on Dec 16th, vegged under t5 4ft 4 bulbs till put under a used 600w hps, I abused and mistreated these 2 plants just to have fun with them and 53 days in flower both were at the points of going amber so 70 branches later there now all done, 170 days from seed to finish. 20190603_145403.jpg 20190603_145427.jpg 20190603_032711.jpg 20190529_102955.jpg 20190529_102950.jpg 20190311_110348.jpg
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  2. Nice dude! How long did the trim take?
  3. Nicely done! Looks like a great harvest

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  4. Looks great a real bush.
    She was just about a member of the family at 6 months. Lol
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  5. Looking Good my friend. You should be proud!

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  6. I hope you give lollipoping a try, saves so much trim time
  7. Started Sunday afternoon and finished monday afternoon.
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  8. 20190603_162147.jpg oh those purps and pinks in this one are just amazing.
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    Its nearing 1800g wet, buddy that's got 30+ years of growing told me I may have broke the g/watt with the 600w. Have to wait and see final weights when cure starts.
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  10. May take 10 or more days at the temps and RH thinking about it now. Wife wants them out now, they have made the basement smell like pine cleaners and citrus fruits. Toked the scissor hash lastnight and I went out cold at 8pm and didnt get up till 3am. Guess it's got a bit of kick to it.
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  11. Nice harvest. Lovely colours.

    Good job buddy
  12. Great grow man. Going to be that guy but when they dry almost all moisture will leave the buds and the weight will be 1/3 or even 1/4 of what it was in grams. However you will still get a good amount off of that plant.
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  13. It's looking like 70% loss in weights from the test branches I did a week ago, that still hits close to 540g minus stems, could easily be close to 300g all dry and cured if the rest drys the same as the others, going to take longer though, these buds are 3 times the size of what I had cut to test dry. Either way I wasn't looking for anything near this amount to be honest, those few extra weeks of veg really pushed the room I have, that's getting tore out and rebuilt now. Pushing for a 10x7x7ft room next, doing 2 indoor and 5 outdoor that should set me up with a hell of a harvest come Oct.
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  14. Other plant is showing no purps or pinks at all. Just sparkling under a flash though. 20190603_145427.jpg
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  15. Final weights are just over a half pound, all jarred up and now curing. Need to pay more attention and detail to next grow. But for a 400 dollar investment into grow I didn't end up doing all that bad. 20190608_101957.jpg 20190608_114413.jpg
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  16. Looks awesome! What strain is this?
  17. NL Cannatonic mix. Works wonders for pain.
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