All time favorite song to get stoned to

Discussion in 'General' started by Sugar Jay Robinson, Oct 24, 2014.

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    what's ur favorite smoking song of all time? mine is: Hopes And Dreams - Wiz Khalifa
    that song is so fucking trippy when ur stoned

  2. I like anything instrumental.
  3. Depends if I'm chillin anything from pink Floyd to no sleep by wiz khalifa but if I'm partying, something like smokin good by wiz khalifa or YG

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  4. Tha by Aphex Twin
  5. Comfortably numb by Pink Floyd!
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    Bone thugs n harmony weed song. been listening to that since my rookie days.
  7. Habits - Tove Lo
    Good Life - One Republic
  8. u ever heard California - Wiz Khalifa
  9. 'The Package' by A Perfect Circle
  10. Deadric Clark and The Social Animals - "High". DCTSA are a newer band that I went to high a school with. They just recently moved from Minnesnowta to Portland to get some more exposure. You guys should check them out on YouTube.
  11. The animals house of the rising Sun

    the real super sand
  12. Echo- Incubus or Stealing Happy Hours by 311
  13. With a Little Help from my Friends: The Beatles 
  15. Eyes in the Sky - Immortal Technique
    Dark Fantasy - Kanye West
    The Knight Rider theme
  16. I got five on it - luniz
    Wake up - Mad Season
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    "A Whiter Shade of Pale" by Procol Harum.
  18. Wizard of the hood album. It's a descriptive album. A spin if wizard of oz story. Been listening to that one for sessions off and on for about a decade
  19. Either "With Gratitude" by Unlimited Gravity or the Zeds Dead remix of "Eyes On Fire" by Blue Foundation.
  20. Zacharri - Herbs Man

    You really gotta love reggae to enjoy it but after a day of work there's not much better than toking on a bowl while listening to this.

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