All Things Must Pass

Discussion in 'General' started by roll1, Nov 30, 2001.

  1. You know you are getting old when all your hero's start to die around you. First, Fred Neil (The Dolphins, Cocaine) and now another Traveling Willbury. In my prime I was the spitting image of Gorege. When I lived out in San Francisco in 71' my girlfriends Apt. had a large poster of George on the wall in the LR. The landlord came in once and asked if that was me...if only.

    Man I hate this...


    Rest in Peace. You done good.
  2. i know death, its not my best friend ether! we all leave are marks on the tree of life ! his well not be for got! for that matter nether well yours !the ink you play in well change peoples lives!as we see them fall before us it gives us that feeling to leave are marks and its time we do so ! ive watch you here and on yahooka you have many great gifts to pass on to the younger stoners dont wait wisdom ages as well as are lives!if a old stoner like you just wants to talk some time ,iam around here some where in the ink makeing marks!good luck tazz11
  3. George will be missed by many! I always liked the Beatles alot. One of the best groups in the world!

    To John Lennon and George Harrison a big fat joint in your honor.
  4. sorry ,its not what the dead take with them its what they leave behind that counts!its time like these i pick up the friest printing of strawbarrie fieldes for ever!in paper back and read their words to remind me of their gift to us all ,a few years ago i gave both their 64 and 66 8tracks to my mom and sister as a think you for the love theyve gaven me threw the years!rare and never been played still in the rapings! as is my feelings for these man of greatness!tazz11

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