All they have left is the absence of a message

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  1. All they have left is the absence of a message
    DrugWarRant / Pete Guither / 12,17,2010

    How pathetic is that? Policies based on no facts, no reality, and ultimately the only active thing they've got to promote is advocating for the lack of a message.

    After former defence secretary Bob Ainsworth called for legalizing drugs, what did the Labour leader have to say? Did he have a critique of the facts? Another proposal? No.
    Ed Miliband, the Labour leader, said today that the legalisation of drugs would send out “the wrong message” to young people as he distanced himself from a Labour backbencher's calls for a “grown-up debate” on the issue.

    He's not interested in facts. He's not interested in what impact policy would actually have on young people. He just wants… the absence of a message.

    How about our drug czar?
    “We have been telling young people, particularly for the past couple years, that marijuana is medicine,” the former Seattle police chief argued. “So it shouldn't be a great surprise to us that young people are now misperceiving the dangers or the risks around marijuana.”

    Not interested in facts, or in explaining to young people the difference between medical and recreational use, or regulating use, or anything else, except that he just wants… the absence of a message.
    “Legalization is not in the president's vocabulary, and it's not in mine,” he said.

    That's right - no coherent argument against legalization, except that he just wants… the absence of a message.

    They're completely out-gunned when it comes to the facts and they have nothing to show for all their years of prohibition. They're bankrupt and can't even generate a message. All they have left is to try to shut us up.

    They've progressed from pushing “Just Say No” to pushing “Just Say Nothing.”
    And it won't work.
  2. research continues to prove our point. its only a matter of time until more people start asking for a reason. that is certainly progress though. we are trying to undue billions of dollars of propaganda, it just takes time.

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