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all these years, I've been so rude

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by stonedsilly, May 30, 2006.

  1. I can't believe this one slipped by me. I had never seen this happen until a little while ago and now I've seen more than a few people doing it.

    okay, I'm talking about when you and a friend are going to share a bowl. the first guy goes first, but stratically places the lighter/flame as to only light HALF THE BOWL. in the process, leaving the second smoker with half a bowl of GREEN TOP (or, whatever you would call it).

    I can't believe this got by me for so long. I love it. Polite pot smoking, imo.
  2. i half greens everything i smoke unless i'm by myself.

    it's just friendly and courteous.

    with keif greens i've even broken it down to a quarter greens per person
  3. yeah, i just light the side of the bowl, trying to get as little greens as possible. sometimes the bowl even comes back with some greens...if it does then its open game! haha
  4. yeah, second roto greens is always gone when it comes back to me.
  5. yeah, it's called "cornering" i think.
  6. ^^^
    that's what i've always heard.
  7. exactly right, this is very good technique,ive used it since as long as i can remember,once you get it down pat yuo can sqeeze a bowl for all its worth and then some,the idea is to light whats all ready been lit so you smoke the bowl in sections, like cutting a pie into pieces
  8. Yeha it just good manners that all so everyone gets a green hit
  9. Yeah, If its my weed I always offer the first green hit to someone. Usually they leave me some, but my object is to get them high, so I dont mind.

    Granted I've only smoked with a select few people.
  10. Def good manners. If its my weed especially, but anyones usually, I expect first hitter to corner that bowl. Everyone loves a green hit.
  11. I used to do this, I now have a volcano and have come to the assumption that hitting half the bowl reduces the other half to THCless plant matter do to the extreme heat right next to it, which is the principal behind vaporizing.
    It's nothing but an assumption but I now pack one hitters, all the clean taste and potency of the first hit. I usually only touch the weed slightly with the lighter then let the air pressure do the rest. It is a little weird packing bowls for each person but i wouldn't do it any other way know and neither would my friends.
    The only problem I can see is that I can now hit as much in one hit as what was being passed around back in the day.:smoking:(full bowl)
  12. Yeah, I even corner when I'm alone, too....more green hits.
  13. ^^ definitely, especially if its a bowl of keif.
  14. everytime and always.
  15. I don't do it unless they're matching me.
  16. If your smoking with anyone other than yourself its rude not to ofcourse, but nothings better when youve got a group of experiencned stoners, I was with 6 other people smoking a bowl with alot of keif packed on, and everyone of us got some fresh keif, it was sweet.
  17. my friends and i usually throw down together and just pack fresh bowls for everyone. we are usually in no big rush and the weed doesnt cost that much to be stingy about it. also, we are cursed in that my buddy broke the big bowl for his bong, and the one we are currently using is kinda small.

    we also typically have a joint or a dutch in rotation with the bong and get the whole room hella blazed

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