All these upstanding places that donate a % to charity

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    So I was talking to some friends the other day how I saw on the tv a restaruant they were talking about
    With every meal sold, the place gives three dollars to charity
    Which is a great and kind thing to do
    The meals start off at $20

    Another time, I had a contractor come in and do an estimate for a project
    He gives 10% off his proceds to wounded warrior project

    Great, bbbbuuuutttt
    The customer really is paying for the charity proceds, one way or another since the cost of donating for charity is calculated with their product cost and the price we as consumers pay, is based off the cost to provide it

    So what about y'all?
    How do you feel if you have to pay extra? What if you are completely against the charity?
    If I want to give to a charity, then I should be able to decide how I spend my money. I shouldn't be forced to pay a preset amount
  2. So...Don't spend your money there.

    There, I fixed it for you. I require a retainer fee for services to the order of $22.12 with an additional charge of $5.32 for..."Shipping and handling.":coolalt:
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  3. Lol customer"pays" and the company makes more back on tax cuts then what's donated
  4. That would be a good reason to do that lol
    Is this the kind of thing that makes people hate large corporations?
  5. I'm not totally sure on that, but grocery stores I could see getting a lot of hate for a number of reason. like having the cashiers ask you at the till.... like one example being, donating for morning breakfasts at school. mean well the overpriced food nobody buys gets thrown out in the garbage instead of donated.

    but hey if it doesn't cost the consumer any more to purchase then it's a feel good ploy. considering they have their profit margin to work with
  6. I find it annoying that they ask to but idk it's not a bad thing to give to the needy, at least the grocery stores are asking first unlike petsmart


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