All these stories about Suicides from Gay Bullying...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by DV, Oct 1, 2010.

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  1. It's really sad you know?
    All of these young people have died recently in America...
    From gay bullying? Really shows how fucked up some of
    our youth still are. Everyone has a right to lead and live a
    full life without judgement and ridicule. Maybe parents do
    need to teach their kids to be more accepting of other
    people's orientation etc...maybe our schools need a some
    classes or something. The bottom line is, something needs
    to be done. 6 kids now in 3's unbelievable and
    completely unacceptable.

    All I know is that this all needs to stop. I mean I imagine it's
    hard enough being confused with your sexuality or explaining
    it to others. But how people could be so cruel is beyond me.
    I guess I just hope that all the gay youth can move past it
    and be strong, I'm sure it gets better. I don't like losing great
    young minds to this bs.

    I just hope we keep moving forward and equality is somewhere
    on the horizon.

    If you need help, please talk to someone you know or find an
    anonymous hotline. Don't lose yourself to such closed minded people.
    I hope everyone stays strong and stands up for each other...
  2. I'm sure if the government would come up with statistics to explain it, their conclusion would be that being gay is dangerous to ones self.

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  3. Lol, Gay Awareness Classes would be fucking HILARIOUS!!!
  4. Sadly it's hard to change the views of society.
  5. I don't think changing views will happen overnight...
    but it has to start somewhere. I mean if all these suicides
    don't alarm some
  6. OP is probably gay.

  7. Society is not ready for the change yet. They are slowly conforming it to the norm but you still have 80% of the country who are still against gay marriages and homosexuality in general.

    No education is going to change their mind. The only way this is going to fade is time when newer generations are exposed to this and recognize that these are people too with different tastes.

    Time is the factor here.
  8. yeah man i just heard about a case of this. Now don't get me wrong, I like gay people, respect them and their rights, and think that its an asshole move to videotape someone for the purpose of humiliation. That being said, I think that if you're going to be gay, you need to get over caring about what many people think about you, because there are a lot of homophobes and a lot of mean people in this world.

    So I'm terrible, god hates me. Whatever. I still think a few of these suicides are a lot like a little teenage girl, who threatens to kill herself over some little dude who really doesn't matter

  9. Not that I think that really I'm not.
    I'm a straight woman who just thinks people should all
    be respectful of each other.

    And I realize that MaDKronik, I'm part of that changing
    generation...I just hope people realize now that change
    needs to happen and it starts with us.
  10. That's so much easier said than done. Even if some of those kids tried to
    get over that...that doesn't stop people from taunting them. Some people
    out there may face bullying everyday. It's not like they get to choose.
    It's a really hard thing to ignore since I'm sure gay people face this shit

    It's just really disgusting how low people can go to get a laugh in.
  11. [ame=]YouTube - stewie griffin & he-man[/ame]

    that's weird, there are like 4 gay kids at my school and nobody picks on them, like sometimes behind their back they'll be like 'that kid is a turd burglar' but no up close violent harassment
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    Either way I think being a male homosexual is just disgusting. How the hell can you be attracted to your own gender? It's different if it's two hot girls but dudes? GET THA FUCK ADDA HEYAHH.

    Homophobia is not wanted at the city! 420
  13. to be honest, everybody has a few homosexual tendencies. Have you never admired a well-built, model status dude because of the way he looks? have you never watched porn and noticed ANYTHING about the guys dick?

    Such a double standard, you shoudn't even write stuff as ignorant as that.
  14. Well right back at ya StimulateMyMind, they think that sex with a girl is gross...
    So YOU'RE disgusting. It goes both ways.

    Never in my life have I ever heard my gay friends ripping on straight
    people for being disgusting.

    Ugh, I just think the people bullying deserve a good kick in the ass.
    That's what wouldn't happened to me if my parents caught me doing
    some shit like that.
  15. That might have been one of the most ignorant things I've ever read on this site. Are you fucking serious? Has the gay community ever done something to you? I don't know if you've ever actually met a gay person, but they're quite enjoyable to be around. Maybe if all that hate wasn't blinding you, you could find that out for yourself. :rolleyes:

    On topic though. I agree with ya OP. In a perfect world, no one would be taunted for what they are, but hey, this is nothing but. I personally experienced constant taunting in High School because I went out with some guys. It never really made me feel bad about myself, made me pissed more than anything, but it's so sad when these kids are constantly teased for being a certain way, and it ends in suicide and the like. :(

    Another thing is, growing up I found that the biggest "offenders" of the gay hate, were black people. Which always caused a huge "WTF?!" On my part. How can you treat a group that way, when your own group was tormented for YEARS. Makes no fucking sense. :mad:

    Sorry for the rant. :p The topic is just such a hot button with me.
  16. This is an example of why there is no equality for gays. How can someone possibly think like this?

  17. hey, 1950 called, they want their opinions back :rolleyes:

    only exceptionally attractive, straight people or lesbians should be allowed to have sexual pleasure!!! :mad:

    I love the idea for this thread, it's so positive.

    If you are going to come in and say shit like that, just don't bother because YOU are part of the problem.
  18. I'm part of the problem? You mean you actually don't think it's fun to pick on the guy with skin tight pants and a pink purse? There's this one gay guy I met at a party. Now even though I can't stand being 5 feet from a fudgepacker, this guy was cool as fuck. But I still make fun of him because he's GAY. We all have our opinions. Nobody is wrong and nobody is right. My opinion is; gay people disgust me. Especially when they prance around in public and go "OH THTOP IT YOU THILLY GOOTHE HEHEHEHEH I'M GAY AND PROUD!"

    Like Perez Hilton. I wanna fucking elbow that dude/thing in the throat.

    I'm a Christian (feel free to hate on my beliefs, I don't give a shit. Like I said it's your OPINION and your opinion means nothing to me) and what christians believe is; god made man and woman to reproduce. God didn't make man to put his weener in another man. It's kinda like cutting a steak. You use a fork and a steak knife. Of course you can use a fork and a fork, It'll still work to cut the steak but it doesn't necessarily make sense. Why would you want to use two forks to cut a steak when it would be so much easier to cut it with a fork and a knife?

    With that said, I don't like gay people. They all need to go to prison for a year and see what it's REALLY like to get some good anal from "Bubba" and ..."Peggy."
  19. OMG HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT@!@!!@?@?!@?@!? BLACK PEOPLE!??!?!

  20. I'm not against gays in anyway.

    But they need to toughen up, seriously. It's their choice, they know this would happen. Not everyone is accepting of them.

    It's a way of life, it's against many peoples religions and that is why it is not accept.

    They need to toughen up and not be so sensitive. They are regular people.
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