All The Way From Amsterdam!

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  1. Hi,

    I'm a 19 year old guy called Ischa from Amsterdam, Holland. :D
    The reason why i signed up on this forum, is because i'm curious how it is in America
    with all this bullshit about getting busted and stuff because you had some weed on ya? :confused:
    I mean, where I live it is 100% legal.. So just wondering ^^ :smoke:
  2. Yeah. The laws are bull shit. But in America we just smoke it anyways because we really dont giva fuck.:devious:
  3. ya illegal weed sucks balls your lucky you got such anice place to live in. Basically a lot of people get shit for it but those peopl eUSUALLY made mistakes. I think if you smoke responsibly you wont get caught. For example not driving while high lol. Or dont sell it. If you just buy a 1/2 oz every now and then and smoke it privately very few people actually get busted. Especcially if they still lead productive lives.

    However dealers get so fucked
  4. yea laws in america about weed are some major BS
  5. Everything has to do with politics here... Kinda lame. It all has to do with money and whos gonna make it. The pharmaceutical companies make the government a lot of money and they dont wanna lose that. If everyone who had some back pain could smoke a joint and be better for 6 hours rather than taking opiates, who wouldnt?
  6. Welcome Ischa! Amsterdam is my favorite city in the whole world! :)
  7. lol way to rub it in.... welcome...
  8. Hmm, thats fucked up dude.
    Everyone in my neighboorhood knows I smoke weed, I even smoke it on my way to the supermarket, in the middle of the city.. :smoking:

    It should be like this worldwide! :D
  9. Yes it should be!

    You're a lucky man!
  10. your fucking lucky bro
  11. I was under the impression that it is not 100% legal, but its 100% tolerated so the laws are still on the books. Kinda like driving barely over the speed limit, everyone does it and it is illegal, but cops aren't going to waste their time with it.
  12. you want to know what it's like over here? this recent reply I received from a Senator:

    That's the mentality ..totally not supported by any facts or evidence, just solely based on what is "felt" to be the right thing to do. No matter that 2,000 people get busted every single day and that legalizing the production and sale of marijuana by certified businesses would actually make marijuana harder for minors to obtain. :mad:

    Can you post any recent pics of Amsterdam ..I freakin' love your city, even in the middle of winter!!! :hello:
  13. welcome! :) luckily, some of us live in states where it is decriminilized, so it's not as tough as others. you definitely are lucky though :smoking:
  14. Welcome to the City! I was just in Amsterdam a few months ago. Beautiful city for sure. Enjoy your stay! :wave:
  15. Damn, ur laws are really fucked.
    I'll upload some pictures later this week :D

    ..just connected my pc with my HDTV lol :D

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