All the rage...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by BudderUrSkillet, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. well gc, i just smoked a blunt (og swisher sweet to be exact) in my bathroom while taking a shit, listening to music, and drinking iced tea. and let me tell you, it is all the rage. if you have yet to try this, i would highly recommend that you give it a shot. devin
    was onto something alright...

  2. Yes, finish your old thread
  3. this, hurry the f'up you troll
  4. make a new thread called. the end of the story and post it now...NOW!!!!!!!!!
  5. you guys know he was trolling? jesus. i actually give him credit two i havent seen a good troll in a long time lol

  6. we all know he was trolling and he did it well, but we dont care finish the story. until then, everybody is just gonna keep asking
  7. hey uhhhhh think you could finish that story bro? KTHXBAI
  8. Lol were never going to stop giving him shit over that thread are we?

  9. Not until he finishes the story.
  10. Finish the thread Nancy Luis finish the fucking thread douche
  11. Finish the thread already!
  12. Dude

    Please don't finish your other thread

    The best stories have no endings

  13. this is the first time ever i think someones opinion is actually wrong

  14. Did everbody just discover Devin? JK, he's a great rapper and deserves far more recognition then he gets.
  15. despite all the rage you are still just a rat in a cage. smoke more weed and this will make sense
  16. i've known about him for awhile, just never tried this before.
  17. Finish your story op, its been 12 hours.
  18. my story has been concluded for all to read.

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