All The Other Drivers Always Drive So Slow When Im Drunk

Discussion in 'General' started by Atheism Cant Be Proven, Jun 2, 2013.

  1. whenever i'm drunk, all the other drivers drive so fucking slow.  it's like they have something against me because i'm drunk, and purposely drive slow to piss me off.  god damn it.  anyone else have this happen?

  2. If you drive drunk, they should have something against you.
  3. They don't trust your drunk ass....
  4. Your driving drunk.... thats horse shit. I got a DWI for fucking weed and you get to drive drunk.... Damn this world.
  5. You're fucking retarded. All I have to say.

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    Hopefully OP just kills himself, not a family.
  7. I've driven inebriated many many times.  It all depends on how drunk you are.  I think the number of times I've done it is proof that you can still drive safely after drinking
    But driving fast, bad bad idea
  8. The alcohol is probably distorting what you see/feel. They're all going at hyperspeed.
    And what the hell is a car? Haven't heard about one of those in over 3,000 years. By car, do you mean space ship?
  9. I'd never get behind the wheel if I couldn't walk straight tho
  10. I am so scared to drive drunk. Waaaayyyy too many nightmares
  11. Don't be a douche. Call a cab, walk ANYTHING but get behind the wheel while drunk. Your parents aren't gonna feel too good about that phone call letting them know that you wrapped your car around a tree and seriously fucked yourself up while you were intoxicated. Plus you're breaking one of the laws that ACTUALLY MAKES SENSE.
    Plus if I see your drunk ass swerving around while I'm in my 4-wheel pussy-magnet I'm gonna hate you for being on the road cause you're a danger to people like me.
  12. this guy picked up on the point of my post
    minus the spaceship part.  when youre drunk people will be going 15 mph over the speedlimit and ill be wanting to pass them in a no passing zone.  haha didnt realize id piss so many people off with my post.  i was only buzzed guys! theres a difference....errr not according to the commercials but whatever. 
    There's plenty of studies that demonstrate the effects of alcohol on driving ability. I like how you claimed drunk driving, then changed your mind after people's responses on your irresponsible and reckless behavior. 
  14. Well you said drunk not buzzed. Most of us have a problem with people who chose to get behind the wheel of a vehicle and put everyone around them at risk (honestly I really don't give a fuck if a drunk driver injures or kills themselves. Their stupid ass was asking for it). Just because we're "stoners" doesn't mean we're irresponsible dick heads.
    Most of us any way...  :p
  15. People who drive drunk deserve a slow death.  Hopefully you'll kill yourself before you kill anyone else.
  16. Driving under the influence of any alcohol is no bueno.
  17. Drunk drivers should crash into a tree and go head first through the windshield. Drunk, buzzed, whatever, STUPID! My god father was leaving my house last June on his motorcycle and was hit by a drunk driver, he just left kessler three weeks ago. Can't walk anymore, looks different, no teeth.. It's heartbreaking it happened because of one irresponsible person.
  18. I used to drive drunk all the time. Its kinda a sport in my home state. I can do it fine, just focus and hold the steering wheel steady. Some people really drive fine while drunk and even the best get caught.
    But lookin back i kinda regret it. Even tho im 21 now i won't do it again, its not worth it.
  19. Sport? Putting your friends and family and fellow citizens in danger for your fun? Sounds like a fucked up state if people consider this sport in any way.
  20. Hey, Wisconsin's not all bad

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