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Discussion in 'General' started by MCODE, Oct 4, 2007.

  1. All cities have there local rappers
    what are some well known artists
    in dallas, houston, austin, etc
  2. DJ Screw, Lil keke, fat pat, big hawk, big pokey, al-d, big moe, z-ro, trae, ESG, lil flip

    thats the screwed up click in the houston area
  3. I dont know bout flip yea he was on screw but that ***** really wasnt S.U.C.
  4. yeah, flip used to be S.U.C, but he's a lil bitch now
  5. flip is a fucking sellout. used to have mad respect for him but you gotta give respect to z-ro hes the realest and coldest rapper alive, hands fucking down
  6. My friend knows a lot of SA rappers but the only one I listen to is Question? .
  7. haha sweet name and he's from texas, i wanna hear

  8. I cant believe no one mentioned S.P.M.
  9. dallas (lived there the past 17 years of my life)

    tum tum (gettin too mainstream for me lately), dallas tx ballaz, big hood boss. i'm mainly into houston artists like slim thug, pimp c, lil KeKe, z-ro, trae, and dj screw

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