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All synthetic urine created equal?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by DiAmOnD RaStA, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. Hey hey! I know its been a while, but i was pondering....

    Now, Im a big fan of #1 and their products. Its what I have used to get like my past 4 jobs, and I just got fired over some bullshit at my job... so im trying to get a new one. Anyway!

    I went to 3 of the local shops around here, and none of them had #1 in stock... they had the whizzanators or whatever... but fuck spending $150, so I got this other stuff they had, which the guy said works just as well, called Dr. Green's Agent X. Its in a bottle instead of in a little pouch that goes around your waist... but thats not what im worried about. Is all synthetic urine created equal? I know #1 works... my friends use it, I use it... happy consumer... but ive never used this or any other fake urine product.. so... any comments?

    Obviously I spent $30 on this little bottle, so I am going to use it, and will report how things go and the ease of use and all. Just seeing if anyone had some insight :smoking:
  2. damn for real guys? welp... im usin it tomorrow, ill holla
  3. good luck!
  4. Well, he hasn't come back, that sucks lol.
  5. Yeah, make sure to let us know DR. Not that i plan on usin synthetics anytime soon, but my supply may run out
  6. ended up not havin to take the drop... will post as soon as i use it..

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