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all stoners do this

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CitySmoker420, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. what are things that all stoners should do at least once!
  2. Smoke weed.
  3. Make Firecrackers.
  4. amen.
  5. weed edibles
    wake n bake
    go to sleep high
    smoke hash
  6. buy a double cheeseburger or big gulp from mcdonalds or 711.
  7. take a tolerance break then remember what it feels like to actually get blown again.
  8. Hot box a vehicle, let out the smoke in the middle of the busiest intersections and watch peoples reactions.
  9. find a nice lake to go canoing / kayaking and whatnot maybe find a lonely island and set up shop for the day.......catch some fish and fry em up ya know the whole bit. real nice. my paradise
  10. eat the entire house . and then go to a friends house and ask what they got to eat
  11. Get caught. Whether by a cop or parent, in my opinion it's absolutely necessary to get caught at some time in your life. It'll bring you back down to Earth, put you on a T Break so you can get ripped next time, and it'll show to you how much you love the herb. Right after you get caught, you'll notice that life isn't as beautiful without bud, and that'll make you appreciate it more. Just my opinion, and I think it's quite justified. If you'd like to challenge my statement, please give me some reasons why you disagree
  12. ^What if your parents and most of your family were smokers?

    My first smoke was with my mom.
  13. Then I suggest never getting caught, cuz the popo suck.
    PS IDK if it should be 'the popo sucks' or 'the popo suck'
  14. you gotta make ur own bongs and pipes! at least 1
  15. #15 Nematoad, Aug 20, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2019
  16. smoke blunts
  17. bake and go watch a movie in a theater.

    it's really loud and bright and you just get lost in... all... the pretty... colors....

    lol it's really cool tho.

  18. Haha yea^^
    Reminds me of when I went to see PE, I took my younger sister and she hardly ever smokes but I blazed her out for this movie. I was laughing sooo hard at her cuz when the movie started she turned to me and said in a serious voice "I can't focus my eyes right" lol. I was rolling but she was dead serious, shes all sad cuz she paid to see the movie and she couldnt focus on what was going on. Needless to say she was pretty baked.
  19. lol fantastic. obviously you get baked for PE and H&K but try doing it for a regular movie..

    like me and my buds did it for The Dark Knight (we figured we wanted to see the movie from the jokers messed up psyche) and the action and drama was so much more intense... like if i watch that movie sober, it might just be ruined for me haha...

    do it for like... super hero or big time action movies that have nothing to do with weed lol... it's pretty fantastic :D
  20. Get some weed, get some friends, put in Half baked enjoy. O and get food.

    - AK Ninja

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