All Ron Paul supporters read PLEASE! LAWSUIT against the Media

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    Please contact and report Faux News for libel, favoring of one or more candidates while overshadowing others, falsifying votes to sway opinion, falsifying votes before an announced time of projection, and whatever you can think of please!

    We need to have as much help as we can get!

    The Ron Paul Campaign should sue Fox News for False Light
    Publication, Defamation, and Fraud, and we should all contact the
    FCC and other national and local broadcasting companies and
    news outlets and make them report on what Fox News just did.
    As we all clearly witnessed, and as we can still see online (until
    Fox removes its original polls from online which it soon will to
    hide the truth as it always does) Ron Paul won a landslide victory
    in all online polling following the debate. Fox did not like the
    results of the 50 or more online polls following the debate that all
    showed that Ron Paul won by a landslide with margin of 2 to 3
    times greater the number of votes of all the other contending
    candidates. So what Fox did was post a fake fixed poll that had
    already had Newt ahead at the time of posting. Fox posted this
    new fake fixed poll even though Paul was and is still winning and in
    first place and getting 2 to 4 times the number of votes that Newt
    was getting in every single other online poll. The new fake fixed
    poll had about 900 fabricated participants while all the other polls
    that showed Ron Paul winning by a landslide nationwide had
    roughly 20,000 real online participants or more. Then Fox said
    they would report on the winner in an hour using the fixed poll of
    about 900 people, giving noone any time to respond to the new
    fixed poll. In addition, I'm sure more people voted for Ron Paul
    even in the fixed poll, but the problem is that on the fixed poll the
    numbers are locked so that with every vote for Paul the computer
    automatically adds 1 to 3 votes for Newt within 2-3 minutes later .
    If Ron Paul's Campaign does not sue Fox News and we do not
    report Fox news to the FCC and all other national and local news
    outlets I think we are all making a terrible mistake and consciously
    allowing evil to persist. The next time Ron Paul gets on Fox News
    and other news outlets for interviews Paul should ask Fox News
    on the air why Fox News did not show him as the winner following
    the debate polls (when he was clearly winning in all of them and
    he should cite 10 or more of the 50 or more polls he was and is
    still winning in), and he should ask why Fox instead introduced a
    fake fixed poll with less participants and reported on that.
    Paul needs to get candid and straightforward not only with his
    politics but also about the dirty tricks that are being perpetrated
    against him instead of acting as if these fraudulent tactics aren't
    being used and allowing news organizations to continue to lie
    about him, step all over him, commit fraud against him, and treat
    him like crap. Pointing out Fox News lies and deceptive and
    manipulative reporting would draw a ton of attention and
    controversy and any media attention is good attention, especially
    when it draws attention to the truth, as Ron Paul always does.
    David S. Chesley, Esq.
    http:/ /www.
    (818) 922- 5433

    Looks like people are pissed off just like me, we need to set this straight, if not, evil will reign. What Fox had done was clearly illegal, if anybody can offer any help, please.
  2. FCC Complaint filed. :)

    Fuck Fox "News"
  3. I was absolutely dumbfounded when I saw the poll was removed from Fox News when Ron was winning. How are they allowed to blatanly rig a poll without any consequences, surely if this had happened to anyone else the media would have caused an uproar. Fuck Fox News! I really wanna hear what Judge Nap or Stossel has to say about this.
  4. I hope someone like Stewart or somethin comments on this, so it can gain more exposure

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  6. yeah or maybe Chris Matthews will expose this story..
  7. anything with the word "federal" in their title is not going to do anything to help Ron Paul's cause.

  8. That's a good point but complaints on record about News Corp/ Fox News (given their recent happenings) is a good thing in my mind. I felt better. LOL

  9. Come on now really? Like anyone with half a brain didn't expect this from Fox and the MSM?
  10. Was there a link to show those polls?

    The waybackmachine is a good old tool that has held up in court before...and it could have the page archived showing everyone how it was altered.

  11. Minute by minute his numbers rise and the others stay the same... I believe the revolution and his name is Ron Paul.
  12. Thats some BS. I dont love ron paul but fox news is a pos
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    good luck with that, kids.

  14. :D

    [ame=]Poll Gate: Anderson Cooper Defends Ron Paul and Exposes CNN Fraud ... on CNN - YouTube[/ame]
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    Fox is still legally allowed to lie to America. See:

    11. The Media Can Legally Lie | Project Censored

    First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, and then you win.

    Seems like they're fighting pretty hard to legitimize these bullshit polls right now, don't they?
  16. This was my spiel in the report I sent:

    It's a known fact that Fox News Corporation and NewsCorp with all its affiliates inaccurately report the news every day whilst sugar coating real news with their own dish of political bias - But this time it went too far. I've supported Ron Paul since the 2008 running bid for president and am extremely angry with what Fox News deliberately cooked up to deceive their viewers. Apparently Fox was holding a poll to see who had the most support for the 2012 elections, and Ron Paul laid waste to all the other candidates involved (won 2-3 times the amount of support than all of them combined). The webmasters took down the poll and proceeded to rig the results with a doctored one in its place. This is not only deceiving a vast majority of Americans who vote, it's rigging the election process and ignoring the majority of their viewers opinions to push their own agenda.

    Please, deal with this matter. The media can be a powerful tool, but it can also be destructive - This is proof of that fact.
  17. It would be interesting if someone timed how long each candidate spoke... maybe someone already did that and I'm just out of the loop. To me, it appeared that T-Pawl, Bachmann and Romney dominated the debate while the other five candidates up there received much less attention than them. Huntsmann especially got no love from Fox. I swear we'd go like 15, 20 minutes without hearing from him. Maybe he dipped out a few times for a cigarette break and no one really noticed.

    If I ran these debates, I'd get someone to time the candidates as they spoke and give them maybe 15 or 20 minutes each of speaking time; they could go however long they needed to answer a question and they would all be asked the same amount of questions. Ron Paul in particular doesn't really speak in prepackaged-talking point 60 - 30 second sound bites so the format of most of these debates kinda sucks for him.

    But yes, Fox News clearly favors some candidates over others. In other news, water is wet.

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