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Discussion in 'General' started by IL_Duce, Mar 3, 2004.

  1. man its so dry round here, noone is selling. i couldnt even get weed last weekend, ive been out since last tuesday, it sucks not smoking for that long. but with some good luck i should get some today, and if not ill have for sure this weekend.
  2. Naw dude, I've gone 7 months without smoking before. Gotta start lookin for connects tho, this kinda sucks...on month one without smoke.
    Actually, the longest I ever went without smoking was 10 months..but that was awhile back.
  3. my best was a year cause i decided to give it up, but since i started again ive nvr had a prblm finding anything. and everyone is gettin busted round here for selling so i might have to really look around for a solid dealer. all this really chaps my ass.
  4. Im out of money...Plenty of weed around here. But i get paid this friday and going to get some nice Dank. Holla
  5. I'm out of hash but tommorow is the weekend and i get paid too :)
  6. I have one bowl pack left...gonna go spark it up now! whee!

  7. Bastard!
  8. horray, i got some for the time now, and im pickin some more up tomrw, and its so real good stuff. im real xcited for this weekend cause im on break now.

  9. You know you love me. Admit it.

  10. If you give me a toke right now then yes i do.


    But hopefully i'm picking up tommorow, until then time for more coffee.

    I see your from Johansbourg(sp)..can you pick up Melation there from any high street chemist, this drug is from the pineal glad, i was reading it in Howard marks book of dope stories and he was saying take a trip to your location and it can be picked up in any chemists among other things.
  11. I smoked the last of my dank yesterday, but I should be
    getting a couple of sacks tomorrow. 3/8 of dank and an
    ounce of mids. Hopefully.

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