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  1. So recently i have been wanting to go to an all organic diet

    my original reason was watching a video about modern day food and how stuff that is added to the food to preserve it increases cancer risks - cancer affected 1 in 25 people not so long ago, now 1 in 3.

    However after seeing another video of animals being treated terribly, i really am motivated to go for a completely organic - free range diet.

    It seems really expensive though, like a cheap way to do it would be to buy organic oats + milk and have that as often as possible :(

    does anyone have any experience? is it worth it?

  2. Organic foods have appeared in most grocery stores and when it all comes down to it the prices aren't that much more. Look for groups in your community supporting the all organic diet and also look out for local farmers markets. There's going to be a lot of ridiculously expensive organic products and theres also going to be a lot of inexpensive ones. I've been eating much simpler foods which is both good and bad.

    I, along with many of my friends live on very little money but are still able to buy organic, nutritional food, so don't let the money factor deter you. Take a trip to your local grocery store/farmers market, walk around, and add up what you would eat in a week with non organic foods. Do the same with Organic food and see how they compare.
  3. YES!!! I eat a completely unprocessed diet (which is what I call organic). I find you have to be careful with the organics; many of them come from large scale commercial operations.

    The diet is easy and hard... I simply don't buy things in boxes or packages. I read the label on anything in a can or jar; if I can't pronounce an ingredient, or I don't know why its there I don't buy it. You will be amazed at what you see in some foods, and what foods you thought were fresh will be loaded with preservatives and stabilizers.

    Now I've found in the states this really limits the food I can eat, to the point that I now make alot of my own stapes. Bread, cereal, yogurt, soups, pickles, hummus, salsa... The list is getting pretty long, we even butcher our own chickens now.
    I should say that I live in the city too; I'm not some country boy who has acreage to do all this. I have sourced farms locally that will sell me this directly. We have what are called farm shares here in the states, where a farmer will supply you with an amount of food every week/ biweek. You pay the farmer up front a couple hundred bucks and depending on the agreement you get a basket of what ever they have that week. You'll eat vegetables you never have before and have the freshest eggs possible. I also get raw milk from the Amish here in Pennsylvania.

    Now my girlfriend and I love to cook. We are cooking almost everyday and it can be hard; in fact this morning I awoke to the smell of chicken stock bubbling in the crockpot; kinda gross at 7:30am... We feel it's worth it though. It's much healthier for us and the ecosystems around us. It also supports the local farmer and grows the small economy which is what we need here in the states.

    Our government has been bought and infiltrated by the food production corporations, and it is killing the American people and raping our lands. The food is unsafe and irresponsible. It makes me sad that the trend of producing cheep nutrient void foods is spreading globally, this needs to end now!

    So the long and short of it is; YES it's worth it in so many ways you'll never imagine. However it's hard and takes some adjustment. Try cutting one processed food out of your diet and go from there.

    Sorry for ranting I can go on forever about this!!!
  4. I forgot to touch base on the money part!!

    It can be expensive to start; if you buy something with and organic label on it it will be more expensive. However if you go to the farmers market or the farm and get it directly from the guy who grew it, you will save a ton!

    We buy whole chickens for $4. go the grocery store and see how much chicken you can get for $4.
    The fact that foods are processed makes them more expensive; if you proses them the cost goes way down.

  5. you have both inspired me to go and find a local farmers market

    peace + love - burn babylon!
  6. Organic food in the supermarket isn't even really organic cause they regulate themselves. Try to get food from organic farms or farmers markets if you can.

  7. :hello:

    Enjoy a happy life man!!!
    Do you like to cook? Changing my diet has been fun becasue I've been falling in love with cooking!

    Corporate organic refers to the large box store's selection of organics. On one hand it is self regulated, however there are some other groups out there endorsing some brands that you can look for. It's a doubble edge blade though, most of those brands I wouldn't touch becasue the food comes from hundreds of miles away and the farming practices, while they may be organic and good for me, they were not ecologically friendly to the foods original home. That being said, when you take into considderation how many tons of petrolium based chemicals are saved when a large chain of nation wide stores puts in "organics", it's kind of hard to argue against it.
    While it's not the best and is still a ploy to grab market shares, it's doing some good at the same time.

    Botom line is you make up how much of change you want to see and stick with your belief:smoke:

    peace all and keep eating happy!

  8. It is worth it. You will pay more time and attention to your diet, which usually means it will be healthier. Many super markets offer organic alternatives at a barely higher cost. If you're going ALL organic it will be hard, but companies like Annies and Barbaras pay attention to their products.
    Check out the natural foods section, do some research and take it slow. :)
  9. Try to look up a farmers' collective near you. Usually one local farm can't provide all the various crops that people in the area want, so farms band together in order to sell a more complete range of products. Farmers' markets work too, although a farm collective is often better because you can get in touch with the actual farmers and find out when certain things are being harvested and get some nice deals. They even have subscription services in some areas where they will deliver super fresh food to your door.

    Supermarket organic is quite often not totally organic. Local farmers are the way to go- you can usually visit the farm if you want to really really make sure their stuff is organic.
  10. yeah, if you can afford it then its definitely worth it... i eat mostly organic food and drink a few tonics in the morning along with some green tea during the day and i feel fucking great.

  11. THIS!

    The requirements for organic are very very easy to get around.

    Know who you are buying from.
  12. So true. I used to work at the fish counter at Longo's and the ONLY difference between organic and non organic salmon was that in the nets where the salmon are raised, there are fewer salmon in the "organic" net and the same amount of food. So you pay a premium for a fish which had a little more food and a little more room to move around.

    Also i don't have processed foods. The majority of my food is nutritional and wholesome, but everyonce in a while i like to go get a double big mac and a large fry.
  13. Find the nearest Whole Foods or local farmers market and do all of your shopping there. Whole foods is good because all their produce is organic and they have many other healthy groceries there that you can get. Just make sure to not stock up on overly processed foods that say "made with organic ingredients" wanna stay with whole-foods like fruits, veggies, nuts, and seeds in there natural state.

    Like Everyone else and I said, farmers markets are also good because the produce is fresh and it supports the local farmers. Not all farmers are organic though, so make sure you find the organic section.

  14. Organic food is really helpful to maintain your better health. It does not have any side effects or more cholesterol so you can take it in your regular food for better fitness of the body.

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